July 1, 2013

Thrifting : (Made in U.S.A)

Time to do some thrift reporting. 
Rummage & estate sale season is upon us.
I missed my favorite area wide sales, but I did find this tablecloth for 50¢ at a random drive by stop. 
This South Carolina company has been around since the late 1800's.
The tablecloth checks out to be made in the 40s.   I love the colors.

I picked up this shallow bowl (8" across, made by Fire King) for about $3 the morning we spent in Owego, NY.  (I loved that town!)
My weakness for milk glass got me.  (That and the polka dot bumps) 
A few weeks ago I saw a stack of four of these at a local thrift shop.. I resisted them. 

I picked up this small goodie jar at a local church rummage sale, love the aluminum lid.  I also found a Foley aluminum juicer.  We needed a juicer, and this one happens to be made in Minneapolis, Minnesota!
I thrifted the Pyrex pie plate & spouted pourer (creamer?) to go with all of my other useful, simple Pyrex & Fire King finds.
I've made two cheese cakes in the pie plate already.

My custard cup and handled bowl stash have been growing a few cents at a time. 
We eat ice cream out of them regularly.
This week I picked up this pretty, fluted rim dish / vase for 99¢.
I generally try to fend off vases, (why store them when I have a hundred and ten canning jars in waiting.)
But this one is multi-purpose, since it's low like a dish.  And it's really pretty. 
Perfect for Lilly's peonies that are blooming. 

Lastly today,  I stopped at an estate sale recently and saw this trunk sitting there with $10 written on a piece of tape.  
I have a weakness for trunks, but I thought for sure if I waited and walked through the rest of the sale, it would be gone before I made my way back.    Well, I took my time looking through tools and taxidermy & what-not.  I found a couple of new broom heads (needed for our boot scrubber), and finally went to pay.  The trunk was still there.  So I bought it. 
The man -in his 40's-50's- who helped me load it into my vehicle asked, "Do you mind me asking what you're going to do with it?"
I said that I wasn't sure - it might be nice on our front porch, or at the end of a bed.
He said, with a hint of wistfulness, "I was just wondering because it was my grandfather's tool chest." 
I wish he'd have kept it!!   I can't imagine parting with any of my grandparents things (particularly of that bygone era of less things.)  I will take good care of it. 
Best $10 I've spent in a while.

All in all, I'm trying to be more and more careful with what I bring home.  I am not a retail shopper, and my thrifting is usually useful - I find all of the kids' clothes this way, and my own.  Books to read.  Good, quality things.  But I'm practicing self control and being very discriminatory & selective with extra stuff. 
There are just some things I can't walk away from, though! 


  1. I have a bowl just like that! Milk glass is my weakness so I can never turn it down! Luckily my grandma is a pack rat and has passed down lots of her milk glass to me :)

    $10 is a good deal for that chest! It would be so hard to part with something my grandma gave me. I guess I inherited her pack rate gene :) I'm trying to be as minimalist as possible though, especially since our house really isn't all that big.

  2. ooh, really like that crate!

  3. That tool chest is really cool! While I agree, it would be tough to part with something like that, you can't keep everything. When someone passes away the family is left with sooooooo much stuff usually. It's better to keep a few really special things than to try and bog yourself down with all of it. That's just my experience. : )

  4. I adore the colors in your tablecloth. My mom had a lot of milk glass. I love the low vase perfect for larger blooms. The tool chest is really a great find. We don't need anything but I do occasionally find a treasure in a thrift store!

  5. I'm a huge Fireking fan myself. Have a few pieces -- but I've scaled my thrifting way down. (We don't have a basement.) :)