August 21, 2013

The Home Project [Part 1] : It all began with a Sketch

We made good progress on the home project over the weekend, despite being tied up running in other directions for other things. 
Mitch is back to working long hours for regular work all week, so things are at a standstill for the weekdays until he's home again.
A good time for me to catch up on where we're at!

For starters, you can see an aerial view / tour of our home here, which shows the way things are layed out around here.
We built the original part of our house the summer we turned 19 & 20.  (We were married young & got an early start on living.)  Seems like a lifetime ago.
Seven years later, after we'd had Lilly (our fourth child), we added on a living room addition to the south.  The old living area became dining space big enough to accommodate all of us around a table. 
This is what our home looked like this past March.

Somewhere in the 8 years since then, probably about 5 years ago, I doodled this sketch:

We have always kicked around the idea of adding on to the north as we did the south.  
I just found this sketch recently - and though it's not drawn to scale, it's surprisingly close to the plans we've come up with all these years later & are in the process of making reality right now.
We are adding an attached garage, which will give us mudroom space for the dozens of winter boots, mud boots, coveralls, snow pants, and more, that our tiny entry just doesn't have room for (the front porch is great, but doesn't keep anything out of the snow & elements!)  
This is going to be huge for our family over the long winter & spring.  I'm thrilled to have a place for all the snow pants & boots.

The new garage will enter the house through what is currently Lilly's room.  That will become a pass-through home office space.  Much needed when running a business from your home! (and having 5 kids in school with papers everywhere.)   I'm thrilled to have a place for the blueprints that Mitch is working over, other than our dining room table.   No more fear of globs of jelly on the blue prints!

Lilly will move into our modest sized bedroom. 
Above the garage will be a room in attic space / bedroom.  We are adding dormers to utilize the space, and it's actually going to be pretty roomy.  That will be our new master bedroom.  I'm thrilled to have space to move around the bed without stubbing toes.  

Here is my current sketch - to scale - of what the new addition will look like now that it's a fine-tuned reality in the works. 
Front view:

North view:   Our dormers will be similar to the ones on this project Mitch built.

I should have been journaling our progress sooner, but didn't want to get ahead of myself.  
This is really happening now though, so I'll get caught up to speed! 
I've been taking photos since we broke ground & started tearing up our yard back in June.  
Breaking Ground post is ready HERE!


  1. how awesome for you all! the mudroom for coats and boots and what-not will be awesome in itself!

  2. Remodeling is disruptive and messy, but the extra space is well worth the inconvenience. Looks like a great plan. You'll have to include some "in the works" photos next time.

    1. In the works photos are up, now, Linda! I'm all caught up. :)

  3. So good to read and see your plans after several mentions of the addition. It looks great to me and will make everything easier and more convenient for you family.

  4. keeping a journal of this is such a great idea-extra space it seems will be welcome-such a lovely home.

  5. Eeee, so exciting! You are a lot like my husband with the sketching. I've got papers everywhere with his many sketches on them! It's so good to dream about future plans :) Can't wait to see how this all turns out!