August 2, 2013

Random Five as August Arrives

I'm becoming more aware that summer seems to be a bigger deal to those of us that live in northern, cold weather climates.  There are just three months out of our year here when temps stay above freezing.  We soak up the sun and live outdoors while we can.  While June is green & brand new, August, to me, brings the golden days of summer.
Here are five randoms this week:

1.  We're home & catching up after a couple of days & nights away up north where Mitch is working.  It was a quiet, restful break.  The most exciting thing I did was sit with a book on the dock.  I'll take it! 

2.  It's been pointed out to me that my feet show how much I capitalize on flip flop weather.

3.  August will be a busy month for us.  Cramming in appointments, behind-the-wheel driver's training, & back-to-school prep before scheduled life starts again.  The official start of football season.  Our anniversary.  My dad will be turning 60.  Our neighbor's sister, Helen, turns 100!!  We hope to celebrate all of these things, and squeeze in a trip to our cabin in Ontario, too.

4.  Beau enjoyed this cinnamon roll that was "as big as his head."  (poor phone image)

5.  Our dog is awesome.  He deserves that random fact mentioned, after staying home these past couple of days without us.  He's never been kenneled or tied in his life.  He's content here, awaiting our return, and hopefully keeping coons out of the garden.  We're lucky.  

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  1. sweet, good pup! love that cinnamon roll! and your feet made me laugh!

  2. I wouldn't want to venture onto your property with that dog in residence! ;-)
    All of the activities on your calendar remind me that it's okay to have children grown and to be retired.

  3. Holy cow! That is one big cinnamon role! lol My feet look much the same. Gotta love summer.

  4. You are a busy girl and so glad you got to get away for a few days....Good pets are a blessing and it sounds like yours is the best....

    Your photograph is so peaceful. I can see why you could sit there for hours....

  5. Yep August is an awesome month here in Oregon too. We only get about three totally rain-free months, so we enjoy the heck out of them! Love your flip flop tan! :) And you have one great doggie.

  6. Amanda, #2 is just awesome. I can't believe your feet tan so much! Truly awesome :) I am so looking forward to this month. Today is my birthday so its definitely a good way to start out my month!

  7. The cinnamon roll photo is hilarious! And I love your flip flop tan. Enjoy the rest of August and summer's warmth.

  8. Your feet are a sure sign of summer. Lots to celebrate up your way!

  9. i wish for a cinnamon roll please. so yummy!! ( :
    have a great weekend.

  10. I am barefoot when ever possible so my feet don't get like that.

  11. August sounds like a fun (but busy) month up your way. I'm enjoyed the picture of Beau and his cinnamon roll, as well as the flip-flops tan. My Dad is going to turn 101 this month.

  12. Living in Indiana, I feel the way you do about summer weather.
    Love it!
    Enjoyed your 5 random facts.

  13. I am 3 years older than your Dad! I'd love a cinnamon bun that size, your dog is too gorgeous!! my feet look a bit like yours and your first photo is awesome.

  14. Tell me he didn't eat that whole thing. :)
    Our dogs are the same -- have always had mom or dad around to see to their needs.

    I always wear socks, so I suppose you would consider my feet to have a farmer's tan.

  15. Oh yeah, summers are short and oh so important to those of us in the northern states! A book on the dock - awesome!

  16. Love the big smile behind the huge cinnamon roll ...and your nail polish looks great! The first picture is a summer dream! Living in the northern hemisphere as well ( only on the other side of the Atlantic) we try to make the most of the summer as well.....enjoying the sun and just being outside as much as possible! Wishing you many golden days.

  17. Funny feet! And that is a large roll!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  18. oh my...your flip flop pic cracked me up! And I want that cinnamon roll!!! YUM!


  19. Love catching up with you Amanda... You all do live in such a GREAT area... I would love the colder weather ---but too much snow would probably get old--even for a snow-lover like me. We just don't get much snow here --so I still love it--when we do get it.

    You have a busy August... As you know, it's my birthday on Monday so George is taking me to the North Carolina mountains to a cabin there. Should be AWESOME....

    Take care --and have a great August.

  20. Love your flip flop marks - that's a sign of a good summer!

    What an amazing dog you have. I guess you left out food for him? Or did someone come over and feed him? He looks adorable.

    1. Yes - he has a comfy bed on the porch and plenty of food & water (he prefers the pond, anyway) We were prepared to have my dad come over to give him more had we been kept out of town longer, or our neighbor would, too. In the past, he has gone to my parents' house when we are away, but we found this was just easier, and he's so happy & reliable here.
      We've also found that when we've been away from home in the summer and had the dog go somewhere else, our yard has either become sabotaged by skunks, our apple trees have been demolished by deer, the garden stripped by raccoons, and last summer - a beaver chewed down several small trees at the edge of our yard & built himself a hut in the pond! (Which was welcome.. luckily he didn't destroy any trees we loved or missed that badly.) None of the above happens when the dog is home. :)

  21. What a delightful family ... and a simply delightful blog! So happy you visited 'Camper' and I was able to find you. I'll add you to my blog troll list.