August 22, 2013

The Home Project [Part 2] : Breaking Ground

Coming up our driveway at the beginning of summer, things were nice & green.  (It's been a very dry & dusty second half of summer for us.)

Our yard was still undisturbed..

Then one day in June, Mitch & the boys took down the rocks that divided our drive & yard.. and the mess (progress) began. 

Years ago, we didn't have a skid steer, and moved every rock on our property by hand. 
What took laborious hours to do then, takes minutes to undo now.
You can faintly see where I've painted lines that will be the new driveway extension.  Of course, our phone line runs right through there & had to be moved. 
Ground breaking had officially begun. 

A considerable amount of fill had to be brought in, in order to build a level pad to pour a concrete.  Around the 4th of July we had a back hoe, dump trucks, a big dozer, and a packer here doing mass destruction (progress.)

When they left, Mitch did a lot of smoothing & sloping with the skidsteer.  We began repairing & re-seeding the yard.
When Mitch & the boys built forms for the footing & concrete- he was sure our addition was going to be much too small  I kept looking at our drawings, and was sure I did not want it bigger.

The concrete arrived (at last!) August 8th, and turned out great.
Below, siding has been removed from the house and Mitch is just starting to lay out some framing.   Grass is slowly coming back in.  The ground is so dried up here!

Most recent photo: The new drive coming up to the house.. and new grass making it's comeback.  
That wonderful black thing...  that's the tool trailer, which isn't seen around home that often - usually on a job site far away.  
We are regaining normalcy in the yard department..  and we have building going on!!

It seems like we've spent the whole summer with our yard torn apart, waiting for dirt, and then waiting for concrete.  Now the ball is in our court.
Next up:  Framing the Walls!


  1. So far all is looking good. funny how Mitch thinks it too small but you don't want it any larger - I imagine many wives would want as much room in the addition as possible. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

  2. How different your home looks without all of that SNOW :-) are lucky you've a dedicated builder husband. How neat that your addition is on the move...look forward to the next set of photos.

  3. laughing at the tool trailer being parked at home for once. just like my mechanic brother's wife used to say about everyone else's cars being fixed but theirs. :)

  4. Awesome! Glad that you are regaining normalcy in the yard department :) I bet it is so frustrating to have the yard torn up, especially for those who love their pretty yards!