August 22, 2013

The Home Project [Part 3] : Framing up Walls

Plans were drawn.  
Site & concrete work done.  [Part 2 : Breaking Ground]    
Mitch & I made an evening trip to Duluth for a full trailer load of material late last week, and a productive weekend followed.  We started building UP!

All the lumber above was made on our property with Mitch's sawmill.  He loves sawing lumber from logs.   Those are our bedroom windows removed.  We are currently sleeping with house wrap covering the window over our heads. ☺  The windows will be re-used in the new addition.

The windowless view from Lilly's room / soon to be office.

Day 1: First floor framing complete.

Day 2:  Floor trusses installed.  2nd floor decking installed.  2nd story framing begun. 

Naturally, the kids are climbing everywhere.   They love to hang out "upstairs" now that there's a floor.

Our new bedroom dormer window!

We didn't want to go through the hassle of moving a basement window (as we did when we built our south addition).. so we notched out that corner of the garage, which makes for a shelter over the back door, and a still-functional egress window for the teenager in that room.

The Before & After so far..

This is the last area of yard to be recovered & reseeded..  so happy to see some green!
And so happy the weekend is on it's way.. hopefully we'll get closer to closing off the holes in our bedroom walls.  ☺ 


  1. Moving along nicely! I hope the weather continues to cooperate for you Amanda.

  2. It's all very exciting. The real action is happening now. Won't it be great to have it done by winter!

  3. I love that picture of the kids in shadow. And it's definitely coming long nicely, Amanda. I'm glad I get to see the adventure as it unfolds. :-)

  4. well he does work fast just a few seconds ago there was no framing LOL, I should have known you were just catching us up. things will probably hurtle along now..or is that my next surprize it is already done. :-) just teasing..

    1. Ha! That would sure be wonderful, Lynn!
      Nope, I'm all caught up now.. He's been working dawn 'til dark about an hour away from home all week. He's actually embarrassed at how little we got done last weekend because we were busy running to do other things!

  5. yeah, the window wraps would be a pain. :) here we'd have insects everywhere!

  6. It looks as if you are making great progress with the new addition. It's really going to be nice once you get it finished. It's good to see that the kids are already enjoying it.

  7. It looks fantastic! SO exciting that things are really moving along now ;)

  8. What a huge project! Good thing you're husband's so handy. Thanks for sharing the "in-progress" photos.

  9. Yay! It's so exciting to see the progress. Looks like the kids are having a good time climbing around in the new space! Best of luck with the rest of the construction!