September 27, 2013

Five Facts : So long, September.

It's the first Friday of Fall.. and the last of September.  
Five randoms from our week:

1.  Mason & Eric had a football game tonight, and a big win.  I'm so proud of them. 
They played with skill & sportsmanship second to none (and put to the test.. especially the sportsmanship.) 
It was a very strange night for mid-football season.. 75° after 10 pm.  
We normally have hard frost/freeze at night this time of year.

2.  I had tiramisu for the first time when I met a friend at a local coffee shop this week. 
Oh, my.  

3.  Lilly went riding with my sister after school this evening.  Lilly loves horses. 
She's staying overnight there, so I haven't talked to her yet, but they sent some pictures.
Kristy & her husband have four horses, and Winny, their old rescued mare, is Lilly's favorite.

4.  Our 5th grader, Johnathan, brought home a saxophone this week.   I observed that saxophones are very loud!   We took advantage of the lovely weather by attempting to play a "b" note outside.
When Mitch got home from work & heard all the "SQUEAK-honk"ing coming from the backyard, he mentioned that it sounded like a very distressed elk.   It was quite a sound.  
Regardless, if Johnathan wants to play saxophone, we'll support him.  You've got to start somewhere!

5.  Mitch's work day was cut short unexpectedly today (literally, the power line to his job site was cut), so he called & wondered if I wanted to meet him in town for lunch.  A special treat. 
Since I was in town, I got a much needed haircut.  Double treat.

September has flown by and been completely busy & exhausting.  
We're ready for the weekend & some much needed R&R! Alhough, the two don't necessarily come hand in hand!  (Weekends have been full & exhausting, too.. leaving me catching up on Mondays.)  'Tis the season.  ☺

Running behind these days, but still sharing with Nancy's Random 5 Friday!


  1. Ah, tiramisu - its all down hill from now on!! Did you know its name means "Pick me up" in (I think) Italian.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Another full and good week. I LOVE your last photo!

  3. That last picture epitomizes fall. I've got to get out and take pictures when our rain storms stop. :-)

  4. love the trees! wow, 75 is rather warm for a football night up north! the sax note made me smile - good luck with that. :) and i hope you can get more done on your expansion as i know that would make you 'relax' a bit, too. :)

  5. I love tiramisu! And your last photo of the fall colors is gorgeous. Not much for leaves turning around here yet. It usually doesn't reach peak until early November. A huge wet windy storm is blowing in for the weekend, so no hiking for me. :( Have a fun weekend!

  6. You were a "tiramasu virgin" til this past week??!!??? Oh my! Welcome to the club! :)

  7. What pretty colors in those Fall trees. Cute picture of Lilly on the horse.
    Tiramisu is one of my favorites!
    Hope you get time to relax this weekend.

  8. So much appreciate you taking the time to share your week with us Amanda... love the photo of Lilly on "her" horse. What a great thing for a young girl. :)

  9. Thanks for showing us pictures of your life! You never had tiramisu before??? Wow - and did you know that is very easy to make? So tempting NOT to indulge on a weekly basis...Beautiful autumn colours , here it is still fairly green, but that might change any day now.

  10. i love, love, love your photos! such beautiful fall colors!

    love your photography/blog!
    happy sunday!

    p.s. this is the first time i've been to this site and am glad i have!

  11. Sounds like a busy, but beautiful week!

  12. I do love reading the stories about your kids. and such wonderful photos my friend. And Yes Tiramisu is sinfully yummy.


  13. Mason & Eric sound like quite the football stars! It must be so fun to watch them play. As a former band geek myself, and married to a band teacher, it makes me so happy that Johnathan is learning how to play the saxophone! It will take a while for him to be able to make a pleasant sound, but it'll be worth it :)

  14. That last picture is perfection to me, I want the trees here to start changing!