September 13, 2013

Friday Night Football : Five Facts

1.  Mason & Eric are amidst their 7th football season.  They started playing full contact when they were nine years old.  They have a deep, deep passion for the game.  Besides being twins, football might be their strongest connection.

2.  Eric and a teammate both had raging football related infections in their arms over the past week.   Eric is on an antibiotic for the first time in his life, nearing 16 years. 
The culture was confirmed to be staph infection.  Thank goodness for medical science.. Both he & his teammate could be in some serious shape right now without it. 
We went straight from the doctor to the game last week and Eric played the whole thing with substantial pain in that very unhealthy arm. (But they won!) 
Mason played Game 1 on an unhealthy knee.
Tonight is Game 3 and they're both starting healthy!  We're ready for some football.   

3. Mason plays quarterback.  He's been referred to as having a golden arm and began as starting varsity quarterback at 14 years old.  Quarterbacks have to be very quick movers and thinkers.  It's a physically and mentally taxing sport, and for no one more than him.  He takes hits on nearly every play of the game, and is looking, scrambling, and seeking the entire time.  He has an entire book of plays memorized & knows where every player on the team should be for each one. 
Every coach around the conference who has watched Mason handle a football has been impressed.  Opponents do not want him to pass.  The slick thing is that he runs the ball just as impressively!   He's got moves.

4.   Eric plays all over the place.  He runs.  He receives.  He blocks.  He tackles.  He kicks.  He returns kick offs (that's how he snapped his his collar bone in half last year.)  He creates fumbles & picks off interceptions.  He's an animal.  Marianne walked over this week and said she read about him in the paper.  (Helen, who just turned 100, reads the paper when her neighbor across the hall is done with it, and then gives it to Marianne, who is going to save it for us, because she was so tickled to read about Eric's big game in week 1.)

5.  It's very late as I sit down to wrap up this post. The boys won their game tonight against a tough, high ranked team that they were not expected to beat.  It was a pretty big deal.  For the coaching staff.  For us super-fans.  For the boys who play their hearts out & seal the deal with their sweat, bruises, & brotherly love.
Here are a few shots.  They are poor, I'm usually unprepared for breakaway plays.. and my lens was covered in fog tonight!
A Mason & Eric sandwich tackle:

The announcer's commentary on this play made my day.  "Mason Watkins for the touchdown! And an OUTSTANDING block by Eric Watkins."

So happy for this team tonight.  Friday night football exhausts me. 

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  1. They are such fine looking young men, Amanda. You must be so proud of them. It comes through your words, and I'm hoping these valuable players stay healthy all the rest of the year! :-)

  2. You have to be one proud mom.. I can see the big smile on your face as you write about your boys. And they are quite handsome as well as athletic.


  3. how awesome for your boys! stay safe, stay strong, stay healthy! :)

  4. Are ya ready for some football??!!??? :) Me too! Great shots of some wonderful sons and ballplayers.

  5. Congrats on your team's win! That's always so excited. You sons are handsome young men. You must be so proud of them!

  6. super photos and what a fabulous post-and I'm happy that they won and that the infections are clearing on both elbows as well as the bum knee! Your young adolescents are gorgeous.

  7. Both Mason and Eric are great football players, and it's no wonder you're a proud Mama. It sounds as if there might be a football scholarship in the future for both of them.

  8. Love how you gave each son a fair share of the limelight -- I always do that too even thought mine aren't twins. :)

  9. So awesome! Congrats to them on their big win! Love that first photo. Sounds like they really love football and are great at it as well :) I know you are a very proud mama!

  10. They are so handsome...and I hope it's a winning season!

  11. Your boys sound like some fantastic football players! My son also plays and, like you, I find the Friday night games exhausting!!

  12. i love that photo of them up top...scary about the infection, glad its better...that's pretty incredible to be on varsity at 14!

  13. Great footballers. Thanks for the photos, I appreciate being able to look in even just a bit from afar.