September 26, 2013

Home Project Update : Siding & searching for a stain color.

The last time I updated on the Home Project, we were ready for siding.  Mitch had just brought this load of boards up from the sawmill, that he sawed himself here on our property. 
These boards are about to become board & batten siding.

Mitch's brother asked while visiting one day, "Why board & batten?"
These are the reasons:
1.)  Because we love the look of it. 
We were very young when we built our house 15 years ago and put log siding on it.  We've since acquired our own taste & style.  We've used board & batten on four other buildings on our property.  We like it!
2.) He can make it himself.  Mitch is really enthusiastic about building with lumber & material he's made with his sawmill.  Aside from the on-site aspect - there is advantage in cost.  It would be cheaper for us to re-do the entire house in board & batten, than it would be to purchase log siding for just the addition.  Who knows, maybe some day we'll do the whole thing. 
3.)  I like the look of mixed textures.  Everything doesn't have to match.   I've read that the "pros" say you should have up to three finishes on your exterior.  On the backside of our house, when we took out our large patio door a few years ago, and downsized to a single panel door to allow for more use of wall space in the kitchen, Mitch was concerned about matching the siding.  I suggested we don't  try to match it.  We used cedar shakes instead to fill in on both sides of the door - and we love it.  Complimenting, rather than matching.

So, here we go..  Board & batten siding going up.
Made of native red pine & white pine logs. 

Working on a small roof over the door area.
I love that beam going across.  We know where it grew. 

Here's the drawing I sketched during planning stages, front view:  

And here's the view today:    Everything worked as planned!
Mitch got the overhead garage door in - I love it.  And the walk door too.  It's much darker than I thought, but I think it will all come together once we have everything stained.   The only thing left in order to completely close everything in, are the holes in the front & back doors for knobs.  Time for me to pick out door hardware.  I've got an exterior light fixture on the way, too.

Our plans for the gable end when we started the project:

Gable end view today: (photo taken from slightly lower elevation than drawn.)

Now we're ready for stain.  I've been sampling & researching all kinds & colors.  So many options.  Do I match the rest of the house?  Use a complimenting tone?  Go with a weathered gray and do accents like beams and overhangs to match the rest of the house?  I think I've finally made a decision and I'm very eager to get staining while the weather is still decent.

We still need to put some of the old siding back on the house under the overhangs.  There will also be a new set of steps coming off the end of the front porch toward the garage door.
In the mean time, Mitch is busy with the fall work rush, but he's been moving right along with wiring & electrical work inside so that he has lights to work after dark now.  He insulated the garage level late yesterday evening.  I've been working at cleaning up after him and fine-tuning the upstairs plans - where we want walls, lights, outlets.  More drawing in the works.  ☺  We're also planning for heat & plumbing.
Excited to get some stain on these walls and start finishing the inside!

To see plans & progress from the start, click here!


  1. It's really beautiful, Amanda. Mitch is very talented and I can see why you like it so much. I look forward to seeing what stain color you choose. :-)

  2. truly awesome teamwork - with your planning and his construction and wood skills. remarkable workmanship.

  3. Oh yes, it looks gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the home improvement update. Love the siding you've chosen!

  5. Eeeee! I love it! It really looks so amazing :)

  6. I'm in awe at all you've accomplished and continue to accomplish. Bravo!

  7. Just wow. You two are a great team. xo

  8. Oh my gosh.. That looks awesome. You guys did such a great job. I can't wait to see it when its all stained. My husband loves to do wood working, I am going to have to show this to him.


  9. Your process is absolutely in great progress - wonderful! I admire also the textures on the wood and logs ... I remember when I was a child, how I loved to find shapes and faces on the Birch tree panes on the wall - creating stories, families and evertuhing else just by studying the textures!
    It's such a gidt to be able to do this work all by yourselves - you do also have the possibility to get everything just as you wish this way!
    Rejoicing with you & your family from a distance :)

  10. Amanda,
    I am so glad that the house project is coming along as planned. Love when what we imagine in our minds works out in reality. Good Luck with the stain and hardware phase.

  11. Very exciting! It's looking great and will soon be finished. I love the reflection of your extension in the lake/dam of your first photo.