September 11, 2013

The Home Project [Part 4] : Roofing & Closing In

It's been a busy couple of weeks, getting kids ready for (and into the rhythm of) heading back to school.  I've done a couple of high school seniors' photos (a brief & busy exception from my non-portrait work clause.)  Eric developed a football related staph infection in his arm - frightening, but on the mend. Our phone & internet have been down a bit.  We've also been working on the house whenever we can squeeze it in.
I'm overdue for a project update!

I found some photos that were hiding out on my computer, so here's a little recap:
Here's what things looked like after we demolished our yard & began putting it back together again.
Ready for concrete at the time of this photo.

After concrete was poured, Mitch began framing up!

First floor framed - floor trusses set.

Upstairs sub-floor layed, upstairs framing began:

Now onto rafters, overhangs & roofing!  
We went with rafters, to spare precious headroom upstairs that usual roof trusses would consume.
All studs, headers & rafters, continue to come from from logs sawed by Mitch on site here at home.  The only exception to home-milled lumber so far are the engineered floor trusses & the sill boards that lay on the concrete, which had to be treated wood.

I have some thoughts to share about roofing. 
If you ever thought a roofer was overpaid - think again.  These guys literally risk their necks.  Watching my sons climb on two feet of overhang installing roof sheeting brought on some extreme anxiety.  I had to hide my eyes & came back out to take a photo once there was solid surface for them to stand on.

Of course they think nothing of being up high, hopping around & running roofing nail guns.

Watching them pull sheets of decking up from the edge and carry them down the other side (gaining too much momentum) had me in a tizzy.

Then I watched their dad, carrying 4 x 8 sheets over his head while he boogied across open framing on nothing but the narrow beam across the peak.  This is nothing to him.  He's been on hundreds of higher roofs, steeper roofs, more dangerous roofs, doing high-wire & monkey swinging acts.  He has always said it's a good thing I don't see him on the job that much.  I couldn't take it.  When he worked for the big pole building outfit in our first ten years of marriage, he used to train in new guys who were afraid while setting trusses by "dancing a jig out on purlins and telling them they can't be afraid to die."   
Enough said.  A roofer who does a good job is worth his weight in gold. 
I know a lot of people who won't even climb a ladder.  

Our old shingle color, Heather Blend, which we used when we built our house 15 years ago, and our garage 10 years ago, and our south addition 8 years ago, has finally been discontinued.  So we found a close match from another shingle company, and I think it looks great.
We will be re-doing the main house roof in steel soon.  So we went with steel on the dormers.
We have a plan, it should all come together in the end.

Do you spy the shiny pink belt with tools hanging from it?  Lilly has been watching & learning.
Once the roof was done, house wrap & horizontal nailer boards were added in preparation for applying vertical siding.

That big stack of wood is a load of siding, straight from the sawmill on site.
There is one window that we had to order that we're waiting for yet.  We picked up our overhead garage door in Duluth on the way to a football game Friday night.  And yesterday I hauled home a front & back exterior door.
We're nearly enclosed, and there isn't even frost yet!  


  1. I am so impressed by what you are doing! I am one of those who would not even climb a ladder and was always impressed by roofers, but never really thought about the danger involved. Great that the whole family is involved and the result so far looks impressive!Love the pink tool belt! Am looking forward to see the exterior finished.

  2. Coming together very nicely Amanda -- looking forward to the reveal. :)

  3. oh this is amazing and brings your project all together for us, how exciting that it all has come along so beautifully, roofers and any of those other height guys and gals are worth their weight in gold...I don't like ladders. I love Lilly's touch of femininity in her predominantly masculine world ;-). Such a fun post.

  4. That's a lot of work, but it sure does look professional! And, as you said, it's not even frosty outside yet. :-)

  5. woo hoo! thanks for the progress update! yeah, i wouldn't make it either watching those guys dance around!

  6. Oh, I love new construction! How exciting. :-)

  7. It looks as if everyone in the family has been busy on your project, but it's really looking good. I have to admit that you couldn't get me to join your husband and boys putting on the roof, but I'm very impressed with their sense of balance.

  8. Wow - your family is amazing! My husband and his brother once re-roofed our house, and yes, I agree with you, roofer are worth every $$ you pay them. Your addition is looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  9. This is so amazing! Bravo to all of the guys!!!

  10. Eeeeek I am feeling nervous just seeing the shots of them on the roof! I could never do that. I never really considered myself afraid of heights, but thinking about being on a steep pitched roof definitely gives me some anxiety!

    It really looks great so far! You guys have done such an amazing job. I can't wait to see more!

  11. It's coming along great! I would never be able to climb the ladder up that high, nor even want to watch them climbing around up there.

  12. Beautiful countryside and your home is perfectly amazing! So looking forward to seeing the finished results!

  13. It seems to be going up very quickly now - and just in time. I would be wanting to not look also with the roofing activities....

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