October 4, 2013

Northern Lights, Wood Frogs & In the News : Random Five

Days are busy & I'm short on sleep.  I feel like I'm jumping Friday to Friday awfully fast. 
All the more glad to catch up with a quick Random Five.

1.  October 1st brought a dazzling display of northern lights. (Technically it was late enough it was probably Oct. 2nd.)  Anyway, as per my usual lately - I was still up, and I was glad for a change.
I LOVE the northern lights.  These weren't the most colorful display I've seen, but they were the most wide spread all over the sky.  Shining from not just the north, but the full east & west skies, too, and swirling straight up overhead.  
I scrambled to put on shoes & a warm hat & vest, and grabbed my camera & a flashlight so I could see without turning on any outside lights.  I have never been prepared to catch quality tripod photos of the northern lights.  On the one hand, I hope I do someday.  On the other, I'd rather be taking it all in.. I've got no patience for digging out gear & setting things up when I'm missing out on such a special show!  They usually stop as sudden as they start, so I don't want to miss a moment. 
These poor hand held snaps are an injustice.  It was fantastic.

2.  Breaking news:  My younger brother became a Dad a couple of hours ago!   Congrats to he & his wife.  And to my parents on their 10th grandchild.   This wee one is the 25th great-grandchild on my dad's side of the family.. and the first to be born with the family name (my maiden name.) 
We look forward to meeting the new addition.

3.  In other news:  Mason & Eric have been announced on the radio & made the paper before,
but this week they made their television debut.  A local news station aired a great clip of them making a brother-to-brother completion play on the football field.  Pretty cool.   (We don't have television in our home, but we were directed to see it on youtube.)

4.  Our littlest guy, Beau, still loves to snuggle.  He told me this week that my heart sounds like a washing machine.  I just might be part washing machine by now. 
I'm reminded each year when the kids go back to school, that Fall is ridiculous in the laundry department. Grass stains, football gear, more grass stains.  And of course no one is going barefoot anymore, so I'm back to sorting a zillion socks.

This photo was from our school picture day, you can just see their enthusiasm.

5.  Lilly caught this wood frog after school today.   Of couse we all had to hold it.

I think this is the biggest, plumpest wood frog I've ever seen.   A little slow moving in the cooler weather.  Our frog friendly days are numbered.  

Happy Friday!  

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  1. i love frogs - too cute. ( :
    Congrats on the new little one... guess that will make holidays a lot more fun with a new one to oh & ah over. taking lots of pics.

  2. Congrats on the addition to your extended family! I would love to see some Northern lights! Sounds phenomenal. I've been dragging out my tripod this week to experiment with some longer shots, sometime you should try it! I bet it would be worth the hassle! I'm with your on the laundry and the football gear! Have a great weekend!

    1. I actually love playing with longer exposure. I use it often for waterfalls and have played with it with night scenes. Those were when I have time to monkey around, though. The northern lights are too spontaneous & fleeting for me to miss out on fumbling in the cold darkness as I go rushing out in the middle of the night to catch them. :)
      If I have a heads up sometime that conditions will be good for northern lights, I'll try to be ready in advance. I'd love to catch them in long exposure!

  3. I heard that Colorado got a dose of the Northern Lights this week too! I would love to see them again (I was only 4 or 5 when I last saw them and don't remember much!)

    The back-to-school photo speaks volumes. :)

  4. Stunning northern lights. We hardly ever see them down here in Minnesotas banana belt. But I did on our trip to Alaska....:)

  5. Beautiful picture of the Northern Lights. I can tell they would have been even more stunning if you had the inclination to do all that extra work. This was just perfect! Thank you, dear Amanda. Happy Friday back to you. :-)

  6. I love frogs. I've never seen the Northern Lights in person ... what a treat that must be. Love the photo of your kids and your comment about enthusiasm! Have a great week.

  7. Love the family portrait!!!

    And the northern lights...they're dazzling....I've only seen them once. And believe it or not it was in Colorado!!!

    I'm new to Random 5 this week, and thought I'd try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.

  8. Beautiful Northern Lights! I caught a rare glimpse of them here in Wisconsin about three years ago, it was such a treat! I hope that someday I have the opportunity to see them more up close and personal!

  9. Wow the Northern lights are amazing I live in Canada but not close enough to experience them someday I will see that. Your family are so cute even without smiles:) Love the frog. B

  10. sweet shots. especially love the 'non-plussed' threesome. :) congrats on a new baby in the family!

  11. I think you did a wonderful job of capturing the northern lights. I can understand why you are hesitant to use a tripod -- they can take forever to set up. Some day I hope to be able to see northern lights for myself. I love the picture of your 'enthusiastic' children (and dog).

  12. Amanda,
    Lots of fun stuff going on in your family!

    I have never seen the northern lights. I have heard they are spectacular. Thanks for sharing your pictures of them.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. The Northern Lights are magical. I have seen them several times. That's a handsome frog!

  14. How awesome you can see the Northern lights! I hope someday to see them for myself. Lots of good news in your family this week. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I have always wanted to see the northern lights. So jealous! It's totally on my bucket list. I bet it was awesome. And a big congrats to your younger brother and his expanding family! So sweet :)

  16. I love the shot of the Northern Lights ..... someday I would so love to see them up close.
    Congrats on the newest family member.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Congrats on the new baby! LOVE the enthusiasm glowing from your children. Mine are much the same :)

  18. Wow...you get to see Northern lights! That's only happened one time here (southeastern PA) that I can remember, and it was gorgeous! Some kind of strange atmospheric conditions for us to be able to see them here. Some day the kids will look at the back to school picture and laugh! It's nice you have the dog in there too.

  19. I can not imagine seeing the Northern Lights. What a treat. About all we get around here is when some business turns on those huge spotlights and they flash across the sky.

  20. I enjoyed your random 5...would have liked to be there watching the northern lights with you!

  21. Gotta say....that free light show is pretty amazing! :)

  22. Northern Lights from your one house!? Now I really am jealous! Love the frog.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply - I have been out of phone / Internet range for most of the week - it was strangely pleasant!

  23. Hi Amanda,
    Oh I love the Pictures of the Northern light! We used to see them as well when in our cottege in Northern Finland - Down the memory lane :-) Congratulations on the new Family member - Happy news ... and also about the tv-spot of your sons! I'd like to Google it from youtube as well :)

  24. So good to hear of the new little nephew, exciting! My attitude to photography is similar to yours, I don't own a tripod and I'm not sure if I want one either. I'd rather just be free and enjoy the process. Your back to school shot is authentic, and how wonderful to still have a little one who enjoys snuggling (Miss E arrives in my bed most nights still).