October 12, 2013

Random Five - Fall is hanging on (and so am I)

Fall has been holding on longer than usual here in our parts.
The past few days have been warm, warm, warm.
Again, another week has flown by as we scurry to get things done in good weather & savor the season some, too.
Random Five this week:

1. With the gorgeous weather & the grass still growing, I mowed one more time yesterday.
I revel in mowing on mild, sunny days. Mowing is my therapy, my time to let the busy thoughts in my mind be hummed away.
This was the 15th year / mowing season for our old John Deere. Still runs like a champ, though the mower deck could use a little welding.

2. The younger kids and I finally took the time to dig up potatoes & pull carrots this week.
A few of our potatoes:

3. Last night the kids had a backyard fire.  The fire pit had accumulated a pretty large pile of wood scraps from our addition project.
I look forward to sitting down in the backyard a bit more soon.

4. Mason & Eric were in the news again this week, they made the front page of the sports section of our Sunday paper.

5. We put on 335 miles this evening to Lake of the Woods, MN for another high school football game. Lake of the Woods is way up in the tiny chimney of the MN baker's hat. It was raining, but a beautiful drive with the trees so colorful. Part of the distance included a 60 mile extension along the Rainy River (which separates Minnesota & Canada.)
Our boys won, it was kind of a non-competitive, anticlimactic blow-out.  (I'm glad they won, but there isn't much fun in beating someone like that.)

It's late. We're home.  And tired.
Happy weekend!

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  1. I just mowed for the last time..if we don't get anymore rain. Mowing is therapy for me too. Congrats to the boys!

  2. colours are truly beautiful, the fire pit makes me want to be there with a stick and marshmallows, and I once drove a john deere like this on a 1/2 acre slope over grass that was mostly weeds. Still it would have been a long way to drive to loose ;-)...even with all of that wonderful scenery.

  3. Another busy but good week. your mower look almost as good as new. Hope all your finishing jobs are done before the weather turns cold. Tomorrow my husband will be driving 500km/310 miles for our twins to play cricket. The things parents do for their children.....

  4. i have always loved John Deere. my fav. have a great weekend. ( :

  5. Oh that fire looks so inviting I am sitting here this early morning freezing:)
    Good for your boys. B

  6. Hi Amanda ... I hope you get a moment or two by the bonfire soon - It seems like you have hands full with the chores in the garden! AT the same time - such a pleasure it must be to harbour the fruits of your labor - potatoes, carrots and other lovely vegetables. I enjoyed greatly getting a peek to the game of your boys - that's a great sports - they must use every muscle in their body! Enjoy the weekend,

  7. love that you're getting good fall weather. and i LOVE to mow yard - exactly! it is like therapy to me, too!

  8. It looks as if your garden was very productive this year. I enjoyed your photos of the autumn color. I'm glad the leaves are still hanging on.

  9. Congrats to your boys for making the news! Lake of the Woods is the team that played Onamia when iI was up there. Onamia won with a blow out too. Feel sorry for the boys who lost.
    I love sitting by a wood fire in the Fall. Glad fall is hanging on.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  10. I used to love to mow as well.. I feel the same way about it being therapy. I do miss it. You must be one proud MOM.. Your boys are doing so well.. HOpe you enjoy your weekend.


  11. Congrats to your sons for another win! The fall colors in your area are beautiful. Colors are getting started around here finally. Have a relaxing weekend.

  12. Your mowing reference reminded me I should be clipping hedges right now. Thanks. I think. :)

  13. That's a great crop of potatoes! I like the fact that you have a variety and not just one kind. Variety makes life interesting.

  14. I thought that the garden table was on fire!

    Was have had a little bit of spring - but it's wintery again now.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Great shots...and kudos to the boys! Autumn in all of its colorful glory! Aloha

  16. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  17. It runs like a deer? You bet it does and congrats to the boys on the win....:)

  18. Amanda,
    I would gladly take fall back! After the Atlas Blizzard and now rain, I could use some sunny mild fall day to work outside.

    Great potato picture. The Rancher and I cleaned up my garden last night. I have green tomatoes in the basement, a few squash and the containers cleaned up. I have garden ideas for 2014 dancing in my mind.

    Glad to hear you are having fun with the kids. Sounds like great memories in the making. Your boys will appreciate all the efforts you made to make it to their games, near and far. Yeah that their hard work and dedication is yielding success!

  19. Those potatoes look great! I've always wanted to try growing potatoes but haven't gotten around to it yet. And of course I love the wire bin you have them in :)

  20. wonderful luminous post. such small dug gems of contentment.