November 1, 2013

An Old Man, A Mummy, & A Pirate (Halloween 2013)

We managed yet another successful Halloween.
Way back when we had two children and before they started school, I used to have great fun planning Halloween costumes.  But with each passing year, Halloween has become more of a chore, an obligation.  Somehow we throw things together (usually at the sewing machine at midnight before their school parties) and they're ready on dress-up day.  Then I see their excitement, and I end up thinking it's fun again, after all.  

Without further ado, let me introduce this year's trick-or-treaters:
Old Man Mr. Beau-ski,  a mummified Johnathan, and that Scallywag Swashbucklin' Pirate, Lilly.

Lilly, 9 yrs. 
Last year she wanted to be a pirate, but I didn't have time to find the outfit, so she went as a cowgirl with all things we had on hand, instead. 

Some black eye makeup completed her Jack-Sparrow's-long-lost-little-sister look.
We also had a mustache that she tried for fun, but it wouldn't stay on.

She spared her landlubbin' mother from walking the plank, since I was Cap'n of the vessel that aided her in capturing a great booty o' candy.

Beau, 6 years young, decided that he wanted to be an old man for Halloween.  And it suited him perfectly.
While most of the little boys in his first grade class were monsters or ninjas or super heroes, Beau walked wobbly with his cane & told his teacher his name was Mr. Beau-ski.  He's sweet on the ladies, this little old man.

I almost forgot - Mr. Beauski can dance, too. 

Johnathan, 5th grade, has entered his final week as a 10 year old.
Johnathan & I were kicking around zombie ideas this past week.
We thought it would be easy, just some makeup.  He was the best looking vampire I've ever seen a couple of years ago, doing his hair & makeup were a lot of fun.
But then I actually googled "zombies" and they are gross and gory and disgusting!  
Our school had a no blood & violence rule we are very happy to follow.
So the night before Halloween, I persuaded Johnathan to let me mummify him. 

He started falling apart a few times, but it added to the look.  And I reminded him that everyone in northern MN has seen long johns before.  

They had a good time at their parties in school.  (Bless their teachers - what chaos!)
It's always a hurry, trick-or-treating on a school night, but we had fun.
Our teenagers have sat Halloween out for a few years now, but enjoy the candy that comes home. 
We carved our pumpkins the night before - here they are!

'Til next year, this last minute costume designer says farewell!


  1. I used to have to dress up every Halloween the years I was a teacher. Felt funny the first couple times driving to school that way. Now, retired no reason to dress up. We don't even get trick or treaters here. Too far off the road. Loved your costumes. I always thought the homemade ones were always the best. Friend who subbed yesterday told me one 4th grader was bubble bath. She said it was really cute.

  2. These are great costumes! I especially love the pirate. She wears it well. But then again, they are all really cool costumes! :-)

  3. The fun and joy of kids and Halloween! Looks like you pulled off some neat costumes, Amanda.

    With Halloween behind us does that mean ... November ... already!

    1. Yes, November... a very crazy month for us! This year is sure flying by!

  4. i could not pick a favorite if i had to. all 3 are top-notch!

  5. These are awesome--I have to say though that little old man outfit is just fabulous! He looks great and loves the outfit too. I'm glad you mention how much the costumes cost and that they were easy to find and affordable. You've got cheaper thrift-stores than this part of the country... I want a version of that white pirate shirt with the cuffs; love cuffs like that.

  6. I loved reading this - your kids are so lucky that you work with them to create a great one-of-a kind costume. All have a lot of pizzazz and personality!

  7. Awesome costumes! You did very well. Your kids photos are beautiful. And I love the pumpkins.

  8. Really cute costumes! I had 55 treat or treaters here last night.

  9. All three costumes are marvelous, and I'm glad everyone had a good time. Trick-or-treating had to be canceled in our community because of bad weather, but the community center was opened up and I think the evening was still a success.

  10. All three look fantastic!
    Lilly is the fiercest pirate I've seen in a long time, She has some fancy sword skills.

    I love Mr. Beauski, especially that little twinkle in his eye and his freckles peeking out of the beard.

    Jonathan looks like a very spooky mummy, great job on the makeup. I couldn't even tell that he had longjohns on!

  11. Woah, these are all so great! I love Lilly's costume and that eyeliner makes her look so grown up! Beau totally cracked me up in his costume. And Jonathan looks really scary! The perfect zombie mummy. Great job on the costumes! Even more awesome that they were so cheap!

  12. Great costumes. Love the attention to details that has been payed. I just discovered your blog from the Run*A*Round Ranch blog, and I'm following now. ;) If you find the time come check out my photo blog too.

    Mersad Donko Photography