November 10, 2013

Johnathan. Eleven Years.

November 8, 2002, our Johnathan Mitchell was born.  Our "middle" child, the one we waited for, our baldest baby & curly white haired toddler.  He is a calm character who sees the world as only Johnathan can.   I can hardly believe it's been eleven years!

The one we waited for.
  When I wrote that, I was referring to the fact that Johnathan was the pregnancy that we had to wait for.  He arrived just one week shy of his older twin brothers' fifth birthday.  We had hoped & intended for a little less than a five years gap, but eventually we got Johnathan & it was all good.  
I guess it could be interpreted that we waited for him those final weeks of pregnancy, too.  I went into labor & delivered Mason & Eric at 33 weeks.  My mom & sister delivered all of their children at the 37-38 wk range, the nice, early side of what is considered full term.  I was told to expect the same.  Johnathan hit that full term finish line & kept going.  I was finally admitted at the hospital to have labor induced at 41 weeks.  (Lilly came at 41 weeks + 2 days, though - so Johnathan was certainly not the only one we waited for in this sense!)
With each of our deliveries being unique, Johnathan's (being induced) could also be summed up as the one we waited for.  We went to the hospital, and waited all day for something to happen.  With others, we were lucky to make it to the hospital at all! 

He was born just after 6:00 in the evening.  A gray November day.  With all the hustle & bustle & extra staff that were in the delivery room with twins, I was amazed at the intimate privacy, peace & quiet when Johnathan was born.  It was entirely different and wonderful.

And he has been wonderful.
I read about Johnathan at 10 years, and not a lot has changed in the past year.
Except that he's a 5th grader now, he became a fish in water this past summer, and we've noticed he's had a much bigger appetite at mealtimes in recent months.

We celebrated his 11th birthday yesterday by having a small group of friends over after school. 
Birthday celebrations tend to get cooped up in the house during this cold, dark, in-between time of year.  It snowed yesterday & things got slick.  No longer kickball & campfire weather (Johnathan's favorite).. not yet sledding or snow activity weather either.
In past years, Johnathan has felt like he should invite all of his friends, and it has been entirely crazy.
He's a calm guy, it was just a little too much.  So this year he chose just to have his very closest friends.  It was still noisy & wild, but it was the easiest birthday we've ever had.  A good day!


  1. A very hHappy 11th. Birthday to Johnathan! I usually worked on the principle of inviting guests up to or including the age of the celebrant. I remember one particular birthday, 8 little boys for our son's 8th. the noise level was as though pandemonium had broken out. I'm not sure to this day how I survived but the boys all had a lovely time.
    Doesn't a child's birthday bring it all back though!

  2. what a marvelous post, and Johnathan's gorgeous almond shaped eyes are almost the same in all three photos, these are such incredibly lovely shots..

  3. what a sweet young man. i'm glad you explained 'the one we waited for'. sounds like he was well worth it. :)

  4. Happy birthday, Johnathan! And I do what it's like to wait for a birth. Both of mine were late, the second one a full 4 weeks late! They wouldn't go that long any more, and he was induced, finally. :-)

  5. What a handsome boy! Very lovingly written post, he will cherish it one day.

  6. Happy Birthday to Johnathan. I hope you guys had a great time!

  7. A special young man indeed! I love all the Halloween costumes. We miss the days when our boys and all the neighborhood showed up. All gone no as the neighborhood changed..... just us old folks.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Johnathan. He's certainly a handsome young man. Enjoy those kids now.. They grow up SO SO SO fast… Those years were so hectic for me as a single parent --but I loved every minute of it… Now --my kids are in their 40's/50's…. GADS!!!!!

    It certainly is an 'in-between' time of year!!!! But--it sound like he had a really nice birthday.


  9. Your son is a Handsome young man.. Sounds like he had a Happy Day..

    Hope you have a happy week my friend.


  10. Happy Birthday to your son! What a nice looking young man he's grown to be! Congrats to you to, proud mom!

  11. I have an 11 year old as well - red head rather than blond! And I can't believe he is 11 either!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: Platypus are a great animal - in children's books, in the wild and just about anywhere!

  12. Sam is choosing just 2 of his closest friends this year for his 10th celebration...and I couldn't be happier. :) Sounds like it was certainly a fun time! And, he is SO handsome!

  13. Happy birthday to Johnathan! Your birthday posts are truly lovely, your warmth and love to your famiy just hovers over each line ... So happy he had s good day, even if the weather wans't perfect for his otherwise favourite outdoor activities! He's a charmer!

  14. Awww happy birthday, Johnathan! I'm glad he had a nice celebration with some close friends :)

  15. Hope he had a wonderful day!