November 2, 2013

Ready or Not : November [5 Facts]

Five facts from where we're at this Friday:

1.  November could be the busiest month of our year.  We jump from Halloween, to Johnathan's birthday, Mason & Eric's birthday, and Thanksgiving all week after week.  It's also the prime hunting season, and the start of basketball season.  And, though I'm not one to rush it or want to think about it yet - the kick off of the holiday season.  Deep breath.  Here we go!

2.  This photo was taken around 6:30 Monday morning, after being up all night waiting for this little guy's arrival.  If you haven't read about it, you can right here - it was an amazing experience. 
I'm not often in photos, but his brand new grandma told me to hold him & took my camera to snap a picture.  It's not often that I have someone do that.  Not much a fan of being in front of the camera, but it means a good deal to me. 

3.  All bets are that our Halloween candy will last 3 days and that the banana Laffy Taffy will be the last to go.  I personally don't think banana flavored candy should exist.  I'm mainly a chocolate lover, but have been mostly snitching the candy corn. 
What's your favorite candy?

4.  Mitch worked away last week for a few days & nights, not getting home until midnight on Saturday.  This week he's working a long ways away, but getting home for dinner each night.  Having him home at a decent hour for dinner has always been a rare treat.
Due to the demands of work this time of year, our addition project has been on the back burner, still making progress, but it's a spare time project, a couple of hours here & there.  Everything is closed up, so there is no rush.  We have heat & electricity all installed & working now, so the interior finish will come as we have time in the darker, colder hours when things settle down. 

5.  I'm thankful for friends.  I'm lucky to know some very thoughtful people, and to have continually made new friendships for which I'm grateful.  And I sure enjoy my blog friendships.. I've gotten to "know" some wonderful people through this connection.  Thank you for the thoughtfulness you add to my days, for taking a few minutes to keep up with us, for sharing bits of yourselves from around the world.  My friends Down Under are currently enjoying millions of Jacaranda blooms.  I hope to see them some day.  :)

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  1. Amanda what a lovely list and a gorgeous photo. You look amazing for having been up all night! the new little guy looks perfect and I can see in the way you are holding and looking at him that you understand just how precious he is too.
    I hope your home project really does make greater progress soon, but even better, that you have more time with Mitch at home.
    Yes, the jacarandas have been wonderful.....

  2. Shane put up a mini blind for me at 6:00 am before he left for work... crazy hours these guys keep. :)

  3. You are so beautiful! I love that picture, Amanda. And I love 85% chocolate candy the best because it's also good for me. I cherish my blog friendships, too, and I've even converted some of them into "skin" friends. :-)

  4. Your friend's brand new baby is adorable. Are you thinking you'd like another? If you visit Breckenridge again, let me know!

  5. Sounds like quite a week! Such a sweet picture with the baby...I always forget how small they are with my kids getting so big. Family dinners are the best!

  6. what a sweet post. so glad you included the photo of yourself holding the sweet new baby. you were an important part of that day for them. :)

    i like banana flavored laffy taffy. i don't like any raspberry flavored anything - but i LOVE real raspberries. :)

  7. Lovely photo! And you look great. Sure doesn't look like you were up all night. Good luck with the busy month ahead.

  8. What a sweet photo of you and the baby! You look fabulous for being up all night!
    Anything chocolate is my favorite candy.

  9. Wow! You certainly will have a busy November!!!!
    What a sweet picture of you with the baby ... awwwww!
    Banana Laffy Taffy???? I had forgotten about that ... didn't like it! :-)

  10. You look wonderful! You really do....
    I hope that you're November goes as smooth as it can...

    I'm grateful for you:) I really am...

    And my favorite candy is chocolate; my boys gave me most of their Hershey bars.
    A very sweet gesture.... I did give most of it back. ;)

  11. Well you might not be comfortable in front of the camera...but ya look it! :)

  12. Lovely post. You photograph beautifully. My favorite candy is Good N' Plenty.

  13. you are both beautiful and it is fun to see you in a photo. I LOVE licorice allsorts.

  14. sounds like Nov. is a busy month 4 ur family. one reason i picked Nov. 2 get married n ... add a celebration to the month. my family has a busy month n August. lots of wedding anniversaries, bday, & all that jazz. ( ;

    happy week.

  15. Amanda,
    Take a deep breath and enjoy November one day at a time. Planning birthday parties, attending basketball games, hunters and Thanksgiving do make for a busy month. A traveling working Husband and your house project really add to the busyness. I hope November’s weather is mild in your area.

    Are a hunter or host hunters? Three of J's Uncles and a Cousin's Hubby deer hunt here; J's Mom is the hostess.

    What an awesome experience for you to go through with your friend and her family.

    You are right with Random #5. Family, friends, neighbors, bloggers and more make for a great support system in our lives. It takes all kinds of people to help us life a full life.

  16. It does sound like you are busy, busy.. That photo of you holding the sweet little baby is wonderful. You are so beautiful. Oh and twix is my favorite.. :)


  17. You are a beauty! And, you look so happy holding that baby!

  18. You look so pretty in that photo and definitely not like you've been up all night! It was sweet that you got a photo of yourself with the baby. As the one taking all the photos, you normally don't get any shots of yourself in the scenes!

  19. It's such a sweet Photo of you and the baby - you're beautiful and do not look like having being up all night at all! I enjoyed seeing your pirate, old man, and also their classmate the vampire :) My favorite candy is nuts / almonds with chocolate ... always a winner!

  20. What a lovely picture of you!