January 18, 2014

Mid-Winter : Five Facts. Good Vibes.

1.  As January moves along, I've been reaching clarity in what my top goals for this new year are.  
One that is making itself prominent, front & center, is "Be with those who bring out the best in you.  Not the stress in you."  Good Vibes Only.  I've realized more & more the importance of this to my being over the past couple of years & the first few weeks of 2014 have been a solid reminder.  I resolve to keep my shield up against bad vibes, commit my time to meaningful friendships, interactions, intention. 
Let the sun shine in!   

2.  After having not so much as a cold in the house all Fall or Winter, we've had three boys down with flu symptoms this past week.  Mason & Johnathan were totally knocked out with the fever.  At six years old, Beau seemed to handle it better.  But in the saddest voice he said things like,  "Mom, I feel like I'm floating upside down."  And, "Mom, I feel like the house is rocking back & forth."  Poor kid!
With lots of rest & replenishment, they're bouncing back to their strong selves.  Eric & Lilly have so far managed to come through unscathed. 

3.  Somewhat spontaneously, I got a new vacuum cleaner this week.  It's a Shark.  I'm pretty in the dark when it comes to product advertising (no television).. so I'd never heard of them, but I hope it's good & lasts a very long time.  I've never owned a great vacuum cleaner before.  With five dirt road dwelling kids, a husband who by nature is covered in sawdust at all times, and a dog who sheds more than I ever dreamed possible, a new vacuum is rather thrilling.

4.  Our Friday nights & many other nights of the week continue to be spent in high school gymnasiums watching our oldest boys play basketball.  Run, run, run.  Their schedule is hectic this month!

5.  It's that time of year..  Mid-winter (optimistically), roughly 12 weeks into the season of frost to deep freeze for us.  I've been starting to feel twinges of wanderlust this week.  A short break to someplace where we can let our feet roam free is a dreamy thought!

PS:  I did finally get around to explaining the revelation I had about my marriage, mentioned in my last participation in Random 5.  You can see it HERE.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blog. And yes keeping those vibes positive is important. I had a low point this week with tears for my Mom and missing her sorely. To be expected since the grief will be with me al one time.

  2. glad you made it thru the flu (or at least this round of it). i like your 'shield'. :)

  3. Sorry you have had the flue at your house. I hope the rest of you don't get it.
    Keep the good vibes going Amanda. I learned years ago to leave those people behind who dragged me down.

  4. I love your shield. It will work, I know it! And your blog is one of my favorite indulgences, too, since I've gotten to know your fine family through it. And you, of course. :-)

  5. Totally agree. There's nothing worse than hanging out with a bunch soul-sucking "cranky Kathys" (I have a coworker named Kathy who is always grumpy, hence the nickname). There's a couple of "the sky is falling" chronic complainers at my workplace, and when I can't stand it anymore, I put in my ipod headphones and drown 'em out! Keep those good vibes a-comin'! :)

  6. No getaways planned here -- just not feasible when you have daily farm chores -- but I'm thinking a brief road trip a few miles away with my camera might help to push the winter blues away today. :)

  7. I'll join you in with the Good Vibes; Amanda! Somehow we need to learn to protect ourselves and our families - sometimes on might wish not having invited somebody in one's life - but when that thought hist you, it's a sing to take some action ... reconsider and make a decision - to work on the relationship or let it go. And in daily life let the bad vibes just flow by, noticing them and letting them just vanish, and focus on the good ones instead :)
    I hope your boys are getting well - this is the season for flu. I hope we would get some frost (I keep imagining that the frost would kill some germs :) Enjoy the new vacuum cleaner - it's so nice when things work in the household.

  8. I like your 'Anti Bad Vibe Shield' -- I think we could all use one. I hope your boys soon recover from the flu and that the rest of you continue to avoid it.

  9. Amanda,
    1. It is important to be around good people. Toxic people are hard on a person mentally and physically. We need to identify those how are toxic and be mindful of them. Positive energy creates more good in our life!

    2. Glad being sick sounds like it was short lived. Who had time to feel icky?

    3. Hope you enjoy the new vacuum. Those simple things that make our lives easier are so nice.

    4. Hope the basketball season is going good for the boys. I am sure it keeps you very busy.

    5. A weekend away to relax and clear you mind is well worth the time. Hope you get a chance to make that happen. 12 more weeks of winter? It already seems like it's been winter forever.

    It's horrible windy again today. We were shocked to see it was 44* at 6 this morning.

  10. I always think it's best to let the positive into your heart while while turning away from the negative. Be with those who help you grow, not those who want to tamp you down. Sorry to hear some in your family have caught the flu bug. Our son and d-i-L were visiting us last weekend with the Grands when she became very sick. They left immediately, and so far, Bob and I seem well. We're in Denver where it is in the 60's and the sun is shining (no wind). What a nice respite from the mountain deep freeze! Hope you can arrange some sort of "escape", too!

  11. Buying a new vacuum is a thrill for me too! lol Enjoy yours!

  12. I hope everyone is feeling better now.

  13. Hope the good vibes get you through the winter and keep everyone healthy! Have a good week!


  14. Yep, gotta stay away from those people who drag you down! I guess we all know a few of those.

    I suspect not having a TV is not a drawback when looking for a good vacuum cleaner. I don't think anyone should believe TV advertising. ;))

    1. Ha! Good call there, I don't think anyone should believe TV advertising, either. :)
      It's amazing how unfamiliar I am with product names not having television for so many years, though!

  15. I'm so sorry you've had the sickness run through your house! Poor little Beau. That is so sad! But I know you're taking good care of them. I like your #1 a lot and really like your anti bad vibe shield! Too cool :)

  16. Hi there - hope the boys are getting over the flu - really agree with your first comment - we should spend time with people who give us energy, not the ones who pull us down!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. Lovely shot! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  18. I totally agree with your No.1...so true! I am sorry your children were sick with the flu, I hope everyone is better now. I fell like winter should be over already, I think we had an early winter we should have an early SPRING too. Enjoy the rest of your week!