March 28, 2014

Five Things I'm Thankful For Right Now

“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will);
being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).”
– James Baraz

Spring isn't showing much in our part of the world.  (Think: still frozen, crunchy, deep snow covered & cold.)   I've spent many long, quiet hours painting & staining this week, with plenty of time for the wheels in my head to go round & round, which lead me to these five things I'm thankful for right now:

1. Kids who do their best.  From school work, & activities requiring extra dedication & work ethic, to just the way they carry themselves daily.  Their positive efforts deserve credit where credit is due.      
The 3rd quarter school term ended last week & I just checked high school grades online - both of our high schoolers made the 'A' honor roll.  They have their heftiest study load yet, and this term covered the second half of a grueling basketball schedule.  They've managed responsibilities well.

2.  Beau brought home his 1st grade report card this afternoon loaded with wonderful teacher comments.   I have to share a few: 
Writing skills:  "I enjoy Beau's writing!  He often adds humor to his stories which I appreciate and the class also enjoys!  He is doing a good job working to apply writing skills for complete sentences and adding details to his topic."
Classroom Conduct:  "Super independent work skills!  Beau is always on task, listening and doing his best!" 
Social Skills:  "Beau gets along well with his classmates and is well liked by everybody. ☺"

I'm thankful for teachers & mentors who support our kids as they learn & grow - and who appreciate humor.  (I'll have to share some of Beau's writing soon - he's hilarious!)

3.  I'm thankful for Mitch -  for sharing life with me. 
And for sharing home improvement projects with me. 
We've been working together this week, and though we may have fleeting moments of exasperation & momentary doubt - we make a good team. 

4. I'm thankful to have made it through 5 months or so of cold & flu season and one of coldest & most cooped up winters I remember - with not even a single scratchy throat!

5.  I'm thankful for friends & family who understand the value of Time as it applies to family life.  This is a very busy season in our family's life, as well as in others' we know. 
That understanding is so appreciated, and makes a bit of thought or connecting here or there all the more appreciated, too.  

Happy "Spring!"

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  1. Nice to see read your thankful list.
    People should be thankful for all the good and bad done for them!

  2. A very thoughtful 5 Amanda. I love the comments on Beau's report - beautiful!

  3. This is a wonderful post, filled with gratitude and love, during a cold spell when others might be grumpy. Love that quote at the beginning, and I do hope you share some of Beau's writing. You are a very, very fortunate person, Amanda. Your kids didn't get that way by themselves. :-)

  4. Amanda,

    We are getting small doses of spring like weather. They are talking nice this weekend (50's maybe 60*). then back to the 30's several days next week. Just got in from checking cows. It's snowing and the ground it white.

    Congratulations to your boys on the grades and good report card! I always like to hear that kids enjoy school and learning. Life long learning is a key to life. Your'e doing good too, Mom!

    You are very lucky to have Mitch willing to help you with home improvement projects.

    In the sickness department, J and I have been very lucky this winter too. J has has 2 head colds. Sounds like my Mom and Dad have the really bad stuff. They have been sick all week; even went to the Clinic on Monday. Yesterday, Mom texted she was feeling better.

    Glad you had the opportunity to get together with friends. We all need to make an effort to connect with those we hold dear.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  5. Beautiful "thanks" list. We need to sit down on occasion and think about what we are thankful for. Congratulations on staying well ... that's quite an accomplishment in this weather! Happy Friday!

  6. I love hearing about your children! Teenagers with heavy basketball schedules and making the A honor roll , good for them! And the humorous writing coming out of that younger one is such a treat to hear. Better yet, that he enjoys writing at such a young age. (the former teacher in me is smiling brightly)

    I mentioned four months of winter, happy you said the five because our winter started before thanksgiving this year. We will prevail, we will get through this. Yet . . . . where will all the water go. It is supposed to be fifty here today and guess what, snow showers!

    I think you and your hubby sound like a perfect team . . .

  7. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    You obviously have a wonderful hubby and kids.. AND--I'm glad you all made it through this horribly cold winter. Hope Spring gets to your area soon.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Your kids are awesome! Of course they have an awesome mom to learn from! Happy Friday to you. :)

  9. no doubt, amanda, you are blessed - as are your kids to have such a loving home to nurture them.

  10. Well said Amanda. And it brought a smile to my face to learn that Lily of The Valley is the national flower of Finland. Our small wood is filled with them in the spring and now our new dog , Lily, can join them as soon as our Invisible Fence is functioning...:)

  11. You do have so much to be thankful for Amanda and happy that you recognize it. We all need to stop and think about what we are thankful for.
    I would love to see some of Beau's writing!

  12. Teachers have had a huge impact on my daughter's life. From elementary school all the way through college. They are such a blessing.

  13. I so hope that you will have the most wonderful spring and summer - you really deserve it! A wonderful list you shared with us …great kids and a great husband! Bliss!

  14. You've got a great list of things to be thankful for.
    It's always wonderful when our kids show responsibility, and such in school. I'd love to hear some of Beau's work.
    Sounds like it's been a long winter for you. I hope that spring is starting to show signs for you soon.

  15. we have had a winter crazy cold here as well. This weekend they are calling for much warmer weather though it will be raining....still...spring comes.

  16. I love your list of "gratefuls" Amanda -- and the quote puts it all in perspective. How proud you must be of your older boys -- managing to keep their grades up with all they have on their plates. And looks like Beau may be following in their footsteps -- a blessing indeed. xo

  17. that's a great list! i'm a little ticked at my boys' middle school. one of my twins received an F on this report card in english. his teacher was out ill that whole grading period. the sub that filled in lost a lot of projects and then they discovered he wasn't even licensed to sub. a lot of kids got poor grades in their teachers absence. my dalton has NEVER had an f and was straight a's in that class. the teacher says there's nothing he can do about the last grade....grrrr
    maybe beau has a writing future!

  18. It comes as no surprise that your children are doing well in school. That's another example of what a good team you and Mitch make. I very much enjoyed your list of things for which you are thankful, and it convinces me that you've found the secret to true happiness.

  19. Such a wonderful list of things to be grateful for!! I sure can feel the love you have for your family! It's so heartwarming!


  20. So many things to be grateful for! And spring will come eventually!

  21. Hi Amanda, I'm reading the posts I've missed. I've been playing with my Grands. Congratulations to your children on their achievements. You and they deserve to be proud!