March 6, 2014

Partying (and a sneek peek at our new bedroom)

Confession: I'm a terrible party planner. 
Beau's 7th birthday landed on a Wednesday, one of two school days sandwiched between 8 days off.   He got to wear a birthday crown in 1st grade for the day, and as is our tradition, he was the special man in charge of our dinner plans & choice of cake for his candles.  He got a few new Lego sets that he was thrilled to work on after school, along with a new movie we watched together as a family.  He chose pizza for dinner.  Dad made a messy-delicious cake.  It was a perfect family night.   I would be content spending all of our birthdays that way.

But of course, a party with guests is part of the birthday fun for a kid, too. 
So, after a weird week of bad weather & cancellations, I managed to pull off a short-notice party.   A few balloons, a few friends.  Everything Beau wanted.

The photos above & below are in the upstairs of our new addition - soon to be our new master bedroom.
We're waiting on wood for base & window trim, doors, & such, so in the meantime the room is empty & has been a favorite space for kids to release energy by doing handstands & playing monkey in the middle during the cooped up cold.  It didn't take long for the party to move in that direction.

Beau requested cheesecake, so I made cupcake mini-cheesecakes, and we had an ice cream sundae party with the kids (who aren't all fans of cheesecake like Beau is.)
I got out our colored sugars to sprinkle the tops of our sundaes...

The kids may have gone a little wild with the sugar.
The sprinkles kind of took the place of toppings. (There is caramel somewhere under there.)
They each took special care in their sweet works of art.

I'm typically wiped out after hosting a birthday party, but this one was just right. 
Before bedtime, Beau said, "That was the best birthday ever." 
I agree, it was a good one.  


  1. Sweet post . . . I love hearing about your life. Romping children doing cartwheels and hand stands in the new opened space, (soon to be your bedroom) with tons of laughing and giggling . . . sounds like the best birthday ever for your seven year old.

  2. It looks like it was a great time. I love the picture of the sugar sprinkles in all colors. And everybody does seem happy. Happy birthday again, Beau :-)

  3. Impromptu parties are always the best; much less stress, much more fun.

  4. I would say you did a great job planning Beau's birthday party. It looks as if everyone had a lot of fun (and ice cream with sprinkles).

  5. Looks like your son had a wonderful b-day! Love the colored sprinkle sundae idea.

  6. Looks like a great birthday. Especially with those coloured sprinkles.

  7. Perfect that your bedroom is so far without furniture, a great place for a party!Love the colors of the sprinkles! A wonderful day- well done!

  8. Looks and sounds like a great and fun party. Those sprinkles were so colorful.
    Love your flooring.

  9. What a great birthday, Beau had....You did GREAT. Looks like loads of fun by all.

    Your new addition will be wonderful.

  10. It looks like a great party - my Grandson Jack, would love "creating" with that sugar! The wood on your bedroom floor is spectacular. The grain is so pretty.

  11. Nice to have a little window into your families birthday rituals!

    Fianlly back home after a very (very) long flight - pictures from Arizona will start soon!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. This looks like a perfect birthday celebration! So happy he got to have some friends over. Your room is looking great. Those wood floors are to die for! So gorgeous.

  13. Happy birthday to Beau. And not to put a damper on things but I missed whether Minnesotas youth will be making up all those lost days?

    1. Thanks, TB! Our kids will be making up one day this month that was originally scheduled as a day off at the end of 3rd quarter. I haven't heard of any other make-up days yet.
      I don't think we've had near as many cancellations as the cities & southern half of the state, though.

  14. Beau's had a perfect Birthday! I love seeing smiling children with balloons! Your new room upstairs looks really nice - your hard work has resulted in a beautiful master bedroom! The color of the floor i beautiful ... It must be such a special feeling for your both - having built it all on yourselves!
    And those moments of stiching ... doing things together, trying something new ... You're pictures are like time capsules, keeping these precious occasions intact!
    Enjoy your weekend, Amanda!

  15. Perfect pictures of Beau's special birthday -- playing with the balloons in your empty space was a great way to burn off some of those sugar sprinkles!

  16. Hi Amanda! Love that the good old-fashioned simple birthday party is alive and well (in the age of venue parties! How fun was that for Beau....very obvious the kids were having a great time! Those were always the best! I bet you are that 'Kool-aid Mom on the block' (er....along the country road) as we used to say! Great post! Lisa K.

  17. Looks like Beau had a grand day!
    Your floor is gorgeous!