March 14, 2014

Pi Day Friday [random five]

I don't know if you can make it out in the photo above - there has been a steady flow of water running off our roofs by day.  Still freezing at night, which is helpful to slow down the melting.
My Random 5 this week:

1.  I had to buy store-bought potatoes for the first time in ages.  We made it all fall & winter on last years' homegrown harvest.  And our family of seven eats a LOT of meat & potatoes during the dark, cold, indoor months.  We're down to our last few..  Maybe this year we'll grow enough to last harvest to harvest. 
Potato digging pictures from five years ago:
2.  I finally decided to dismantle and paint our living room.  (I bought the paint 2 years ago.)
No small undertaking.. it's a fair sized room with a rather "well-collected" vibe going on.  We have an absurd amount of antlers & horns in our living room.  And books.  They're everywhere.  Even more so now that I turned the living room inside out.

3.  I also tuned my guitar.  I hadn't picked it up in ages, but had to move it when I tackled the living room task above.   (I get sidetracked sometimes.. I played it for a little while.)  

4.  Our neighbor Marianne, who's 95th birthday is coming up, stopped over with her trio of engineers (both of her sons & son-in-law) who were all home for their annual March visit. 
Our good friend Gordy gave a physics lesson, showing the kids how to make an electric motor using a battery, a wire, a magnet, and a screw.  Johnathan & Lilly both took it to school to share this week.

5.  Temps were in the 20's yesterday so, naturally, Lilly & Beau put shorts on after school to ride bikes round & round the little area of concrete that was free of crunchy ice & snow. 
Spring fever seems to have arrived. 
We still have a touch of negative temps in the forecast, but today we hit 50!   The snow is steadily melting & sinking.. and mud is making an appearance. 
Spring thaw in northern MN can be a very ugly mess.
It's a nice time to get away.  At this time last year we were heading to the Texas Hill Country.

Wishing all math maniacs a smashing Pi Day π
and Happy Weekend to the rest of us! 


  1. WOW, look at all those potato! Glad to hear you're thawing out! I hope it's not too muddy!


  2. That is one BIG potato!! Love those trees... *sigh*
    A great Random 5 and have a happy Friday :)

  3. I love the metal roof and holy crow that is a huge potato..these a super photos with your super 5 :-).

  4. That is a super potato you had there, lol! :)

  5. That is a very impressive potato harvest! I've anxiously awaited the thawing of snow...only to be a bit bummed by the mud underneath. Best of luck completing your painting!

  6. Shorts in the 20s? That's hard core Amanda. :)

  7. Here's to the coming spring! Yeah. I have one chore that I better do this morning before the temps warm and that's cut the cattails on the pond. It's been frozen now for two days so I hope I can stay on top of the ice. When I tried before there'd been too much snow in-between freezings and the ice layers were crispy thin layers and I went through. I suppose I should take some before and after photos.

  8. That was a fun random five. Huge potato, and yes I can see the water running off the roof. Good luck on your revamp of the living room. That Texas Hill Country picture is so stunning. I just love your photographs. :-)

  9. Amanda,

    Wow, those are some big potatoes. Kudos for eating garden produce into March! I think that is awesome.

    I painted the living room when we got married, almost 10 years ago. I have had thoughts to re-paint and can't get motivated to do it. It will not happen during calving season! Good Luck with your painting and can't wait to see pictures.

    You play the guitar?

    We have had spring like weather too. Mornings in the low 30's and tempt in the 50's. Yesterday was a little windy. Lots of melting and mud here too.

    Have a wonderful Pi Day and weekend!

  10. your kids wearing shorts in the 20s. eek! i do remember 50-degree-party days in may in high school in wisconsin - when we'd all get sent home for coming to school in shorts. :)

  11. In honor of Pi day, you should post a random 3.14, instead of random 5 (hee-hee!) Glad to hear warm weather is coming to your part of the country. After the winter you've had, fifty degrees will seem downright tropical!

  12. It is pi day ... some of the markets are running specials on pies in pi honor! More potatoes! taking on any paint job is a chore to me. at least you tuned your guitar. love the motor story -- what fun for your kids to take to school and show off! happy friday!

  13. Hooray to your snow melting! - Seriously riding bikes in shorts when it was only in the 20's? Crazy kids. Those were some HUGE potatoes.
    Loved your last photo of those trees.

  14. Amanda - I enjoyed your 5! I get sidetracked, too, when I'm puttering - good luck on your painting. We love our Great Room in its new soft adobe color. You're a good publicist for homegrown potatoes - wow! Love those trees hugging each other. We're in melt/refreeze too. No mud yet.

  15. You evidently grow giant potatoes in your garden, judging from the one Lily was holding in the picture. I'm glad warmer temperatures are starting to show up around you, I just hope the mud doesn't get too deep. The kids sure look interested in the motor-building project. Have a great weekend.

  16. A wonderful collection of photos and facts! So glad I stopped by.

  17. Fifty! We haven't even been close here in Minnesota's banana belt. I do love homegrown new potatoes but gave them up because buying ajackhammer was too expensive to get them out of our limestone and clay soil....:(

  18. Hi There, Wearing shorts when it's 20 degrees made me laugh... It's all relative, isn't it???? Depends on where you start!!!!!! ha.....

    The same thing is true when standing on top of a mountain.. The mountains in Arkansas aren't 'that' high ---but they start at 0' elevation... SO---when you are 2400 feet up---it seems high.... Like I said, it's all relative ---as to where you start!!!!! ha

    Hope you don't have any flooding after the snows continue to melt... Maybe they will melt gradually --and nobody will have any flooding...

    We finally 'feel' a little spring here since our Crocuses and Hyacinths are blooming... No Daffodils yet though....

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the great info on the waterfalls in that area where you visited... Someday--we hope to get there.


  19. You guys hit 50?! Holy cow! I know spring really is on the way! It's so funny when we have a warm day in early spring seeing everyone out in their shorts and flip flops. Love your potato harvest photos! We are planting potatoes for the first time this year. I'm really excited!

  20. Whoa . . . look at that potato . . . humongous!

  21. It WOULD be a great time to holiday elsewhere, returning to the magic of spring and green, but then I guess painting and working on the home is more productive and necessary. Love your first and last photos....

  22. I loved the photo of your roof, although I must say it doesn't look very spring-like to me. But then I suppose these things are relative. I just can't imagine my son wearing shorts in temperatures of 20F: I think he'd opt for his snow suit instead, but then he's half Spanish and they're a very fair-weather bunch. It's lovely how excited we've all become about the arrival of Spring - right across the Northern Hemisphere in our very diverse locations. It just goes to show that we're still very much in step with Mother Nature. All the best for a fabulous weekend, Bonny @ just saying ...

  23. It is always bittersweet for me when we run out of items from last seasons harvest. Our weather was the same yesterday, bought the kids new rain boots, mud season is close at hand!

  24. Great to see the snow melting off your roof finally.Must be wonderful to see spring arriving after such a long winter. Here I already admired the first Magnolia blossoms.
    Have a sunny Sunday!

  25. Hi Amanda - Your descriptions and the first photo brings the springtimes from my childhood vividly on my mind! The snow smeltings slowly in the bright sun shine, the first days beind able to bike in a spring jacket (bye bye thick coats) ... SO lovely! The scent of the smelting ice ...
    Good job with painting ... it IS a bunch of work removing all the items - that's the painful part.
    Such a lovely neighbour, coming to show how to built an electric engine - I love the facial expressions on your photo!
    Enjoying so much following your life with 5 from distance ... Having my own chilchool memories in "the land of frost" awakened :)
    Hugs & take care!