April 21, 2014

A Beautiful Easter Weekend

We had a beautiful, peaceful, perfectly simple Easter weekend.

First: I be-bopped to Duluth Friday afternoon/evening.
I had some errands to run & stocking up to do, and I went down the big hill to see how spring is coming along on the big Lake (Superior.)
It was a cold evening!
Still Frozen at Canal Park:

When I arrived home, I found this sign taped to our door:

We had been "Egged!" 
I have a very clever & thoughtful friend.  :) 

Saturday we were all home together and our kitchen was busy all day.
The kids were eager to color Easter eggs.

Johnathan, Lilly, & Beau LOVE eating hard boiled eggs.
We made a trial run at homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. 

Sunday morning couldn't have been more beautiful.   
We woke to the smell of more cinnamon rolls in the oven. 
So warm & peaceful, sunshine & birds happily singing all around us. 
I sat on the porch drinking my chai while the kids searched for Easter eggs outside.  

The pond is still frozen, but those are SHORTS Eric is wearing below.  It was so warm!  The birds were so cheerful!   Yes, even our bearded children still hunt for Easter Eggs. 

I went for a walk & remembered we hadn't gotten the mail on Saturday.  It was a special treat to find our mailbox loaded with good things. 
This was my armload on the way up the driveway.   Snail mail is such a happy thing. 

We spent the midday at Granny & Grampa's red farmhouse with food & family.
Of course, there was plenty of candy throughout the day (and will be for a few days to come.) 

Backing up to Easter eggs -  we are lucky that our little hens are laying so well.
Chiquita is intent on sitting on eggs (we don't keep a rooster, though.. so sitting on them will get her nowhere.) 
On Easter, my sister gave us a handful of eggs from their chickens that we hope might hatch into chicks. 
We marked them & put them under Chiquita & she's sitting happily. 
The kids are excited to see if anything peeps out a few weeks from now.

We usually fly kites on Easter, but it was too calm this year.
Today a cold wind is blowing again - good kite flying weather on the kids' last day off school.
Lilly in the backyard just a bit ago:

One more wonderful thing - the frogs came out to sing toward the end of our warm Easter day!

I realized many times over our weekend how meaningful it is to me that we spend our holidays together, waking up at home, & doing the simple things that we've always done.  The childhood traditions we've carried out with our kids are ones I hope they have fond memories of to last their lifetimes.

Hope you've had some peace, sun, & springtime fun this holiday weekend, too!

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  1. sounds like a lovely weekend! good luck with new chicks!

  2. We heard frogs and Robins at my parents on Easter, that was pure bliss!
    Sounds like an amazing spring break :)
    I got a kick out of the bearded egg hunter; our slightly mustached kiddo was busy hiding eggs for cousins.

  3. I listen to the frogs, too, and think of how wonderful it is that spring is here. Your beautiful family and warm hearth extend right through your words, Amanda. :-)

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend! And it would seem that spring is finally on its way.

  5. What a delightful weekend you have had. The simple joys and traditions are often the very best aren't they. Nice to see the weather beginning to warm up for you too.

  6. Hi, Sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend. I can just sit here and almost smell those Cinnamon Buns in the oven. YUM...

    Cute idea about being EGGED... Yes---the tomb is empty!!!!

    Glad you are getting some spring there --even though there is still a lot of 'frozen' stuff around...

    Enjoy your SPRING.

  7. Looks like a perfect weekend! Love all your photos. Happy belated Easter to you and your family.

  8. perfect weekend, love snail mail too-great photos my favourite is your bearded child :-) in shorts with his easter egg bucket .

  9. Sounds like a wonderful Easter! I love listening to the birds and the frogs singing.. Looking forward to seeing some chicks.. Have a happy day!

  10. I do like the "egged" idea - I may copy it!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. I would say that your Easter weekend was as perfect as it was beautiful. It's neat that even your 'bearded' children join the Easter egg hunt.

  12. What a great Easter you had! Getting "egged" is too funny! Glad the temps are warming by you too - finally!
    Thanks for linking, too!

  13. Getting "real" mail is such a treat these days.Love the image of your chicken behind the window...and all the rest of it.Sounds as if you have had a great Easter weekend with the family ...and glorious weather as a bonus! We spent the days walking the dog, going to a flea market and just enjoying being together as a family.Have a great week!

  14. Sounds like you had just the weekend you needed, Amanda.

    I can't believe the lake(s) are still frozen over. We have had some beautiful spring like weather. Does good things to my mood! J and his Dad started working farm ground and want to plant oats this week.

    J's Sister and her family were here over the weekend. She has a 2 year old boy and 6 week old girl. I have not dyed Easter Eggs for a very long time. On Saturday afternoon the 2 year old had the help of 6 willing adults.

    I have to admit its been a few years since I flew a kite too. Sounds fun.

    My 16 hens are laying good. I am getting 11-15 eggs a day and every once in a while 16. Good Luck with Chiquita and baby chicks.

  15. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy Easter. Brrr....though on the shorts with snow still on the ground.

  16. Sounds like a perfect kind of a Easter to me . . .
    Family Times make for the best memories!