April 12, 2014

An Illustrated Lesson from our First Grader

Beau, ever loving & entertaining, and always creating stories & pictures, leaving them in clever places for me to find (like in manilla envelopes on a blade of my bedroom ceiling fan)..
left this taped to our bedroom wall:

He explained, "The bunny is hopping along and he sees the crack where he's going to land and (pointing to the think bubble) thinks he's going to fall, but it's too late!"

It made me laugh, but also made me think.  A lesson of sorts.
Slow down?  Stop and think?  Look before you leap?

"Slow down and enjoy life.
It's not only the scenery that you miss by going too fast -
You also miss the sense of where you are going and why."   - Eddie Cantor

About the illustrator:
Beau is a seven year old boy who lives with his Mom, Dad, three big brothers, one big sister, and one big dog in northern Minnesota.  He loves Legos, riding bike, and making stuff.  He drew this when he was six, about to turn seven. 


  1. awww. what a sweetheart. and glad his freckles are coming out for the season! :)

  2. Such a cute drawing - and very good advice! You have a talented son.

  3. He is so talented! I love the picture, although I do hope the bunny survived! :-)

  4. A wonderful painting and the reflection about it ... Just 7 years of age, and already thinking about thinking!

  5. Fabulous, an artist and humourist with a message and only 7, bravo to Beau. :-)

  6. Beau is a great illustrator as well as a wonderful storyteller. We should all take his lesson to heart.

  7. What a talented and clever young man!

  8. Beau is a fantastic illustrator!, I love his attention to detail!
    And a very wise young man...

  9. I agree - a good lesson here. Frame it!

  10. I love it when kids do things like this. Totally Priceless.