May 1, 2014

Life Right Now

I had my first prom experience as a Mom this past weekend. 
The boys had a baseball tournament that day which ran into prom time. 
Mason had 20 minutes at home to shower & switch from his baseball uniform to his tux.
A hectic day, but everyone looked lovely.
More pictures soon!

Baseball season wants to be in full swing. 
With moody spring weather, our schedule changes by the day.
Yesterday the boys played a full game for 2 1/2 hours in wind, rain, & chilly 30's.  It was cold watching them, but they pulled off a good win!
Eric is catcher again this year.  When Mason isn't pitching, he's at short stop.  

I turned my ankle pretty awfully while walking to the field for yesterday's game.  The sensation about knocked my socks off initially, but I managed to stay on my feet for the whole game. 
Wondering today if I should tough it out or go to the doctor and make sure there isn't more damage than I'm aware of.  Foolish, foolish. 
(Update: I took myself to the doctor & have a pretty bad sprain with partially torn ligaments & an air cast.)

Mitch & Johnathan had been planning to go to a MN Twins game this past weekend with the 5th grade class.  They boarded a school bus early Sunday morning, drove to the twin cities (quite a trip) only to have the game canceled.  The new Target Field is highly acclaimed BUT there were no rain outs at the Metrodome!   
They noted that the grass is quite a bit greener 170 miles to our south. 
We have not a bloom or a leaf yet.  I'll be sure to share when we do.

This little brother has sure been a good sport along the sidelines throughout his years.  (Johnathan & Lilly, too.)

Saturday morning I spotted a pair of loons returned to our area.  The first I'd seen this spring.
Ice is still not off local lakes, but we're gaining open water.
Yesterday I saw a pair had joined the swans at the end of our road, too. 
I've never heard a kookaburra laugh.  I wonder how many have never heard the distinct call of a loon that we're so used to.

We had a trio of mallards land in our yard, waddling around in the pouring rain Sunday.
The snowshoe hare is still around.. Lilly seems to be taming it.  

I just finished The Light Between Oceans, recommended by Marcia.  I fell in love with the far away shores it took me too.  I've made note of all book recommendations & hope to add them to my already abundant stacks to read.  :)    
The Light Between Oceans was my 15th book of 2014.  Will I make 50 books?  We'll see.  
Reading is a luxury.  Whatever will be will be.  

Since I won't be skipping off to too many places until my ankle gains stability, I should find myself with a little more time for luxuries of the sitting still kind.  

As I post this, it's after midnight.  Officially May 1st. 
Growing up, we always carried out May Day traditions.  Do you?
Happy May Day!


  1. Happy May Day! Love the prom photo, a gorgeous couple! And the little one at the sidelines is cute! Cool sighting of the loons. Have a happy day!

  2. I grew up with the sound of Loons and their call remains my favourite bird song...stunning, stunning young couple-and youth a game that runs late and then a Prom :-)! Sweet younger brother shot, his toque makes me smile big and sorry for your ankle hope it heals soon...Happy May 1st (here small bouquets of Lily of the Valley are exchanged, cards sent-it is a working holiday, some stores closed, families get together)

  3. Beautiful random post Amanda. Your boys are really something special - love the colours in the top photo. Hope your ankle and ligament meant quickly - while you read and enjoy still luxuries.....

  4. Happy May Day. Glad you enjoyed the book "The Light Between Oceans". Sounds like you will have more time to read with your ankle issue. Sun is just breaking through the clouds this morning so there a promise that we will begin to dry out here.

  5. Nurse that ankle . . . enjoy a few books . . .
    Hope someone leaves a May basket on your door knob!
    (Yes . . . I remember . . .)
    (Love seeing the photos of your kiddos in all their events . . . even when bored, cold and bundled up!)

  6. Mason and his date are just stunningly beautiful! Well, she is beautiful and he is handsome. I do hope your ankle heals up quickly, since it's right at the time when you really need it. You will certainly make 50 books, now that you've got some enforced relaxation in your future. :-)

  7. Amanda,
    I am sorry to hear about your ankle. Rest, relax and let your family help you.

    Hope Old Man Winter gets ready to hibernate soon! I keep telling myself each day is one step closer to warm weather, blooms and gardening.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my Sister post. Sisterhood is an dynamic relationship. Even with all the ups and downs it's a priceless relationship. A link to our past, someone who understands us like no other and her occasional tough love really makes me think.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle -- I hope it heals well. Mason and his date are a very handsome couple. I also like the picture of Beau at the game.

  9. What a gorgeous prom photo! Your son is so handsome. Sorry about your ankle. Injuries are no fun. I collided with another skier last Sunday. My chest took the brunt of the blow and I'm still very sore today. But I'm lucky to escape with no broken bones... Hope you heal quickly and you get some green to your area!

  10. Oh no.. You know they say a sprain hurts worst than a break. I do hope you heal soon. You son looks so handsome all dressed up for prom. Loving your photos my friend.


  11. Nice photo of Mason and his prom date. I will be going to see my only granddaughter's first prom this weekend.
    We have green grass here but it has been cold and rainy all week. I hope your ankle heals quickly.
    Happy May Day! No baskets around here.

  12. in grade school, we danced the may pole dance. :) sorry about your ankle! glad you got it checked out and into a cast to help heal! your kids are so beautiful - no matter what age. :)

  13. Lovely prom photos of this couple - Pretty dress, I like the color.
    Baseball - I'm not really a fan although we have a local team here, their season starts in June and maybe this year I'll take in a few games.
    Oh did you get any photos of the rabbit. That would be neat to see.

  14. Love the prom photos... Such a pretty girl, and I love their colors... Very special time!!!!

    So--you are busy with teens and baseball, proms, etc.... I remember those days--raising my sons.... Fun times --but oh, so busy!!!

    Sorry about your ankle... Hope it is better now. IF not, get it checked out!!!!!


  15. "Wildly Simple" has been included in Friday's Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  16. I really like the picture of the Brown Headed Wooly Bear!

    I broke a bone in my ankle last year (when I was on holiday!) it was a real pain in many ways!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: hope you ankle gets better faster than mine did!

  17. The little boy is Beau right? It must have been so cold! But his older brother looks very smart indeed, hope that he enjoyed the evening!
    I hope that you will recover soon and that it will not hurt too much. Just take some rest ( difficult with children) and watch the trees turn green!
    Thanks for your comment today…I did cut my sons hair for a long time, they hated going to the hairdresser.

  18. It will take your ankle quite a while to fully heal. (I did the same thing 3 summers ago.) Hoping y'all will warm up very soon.

  19. Oh no - so sorry to hear about your ankle! Lovely shots.

  20. Wonderful pictures ... both the sports and the prom! That must have been ecxiting! I hope your ankle is recovering ... and thank you for the book tip - you're going strong towards the 50! Happy Mother's Day to you :)

  21. Prom and a baseball game? This was indeed a busy day for your son. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and he was able to change his baseball uniform to his tux on time. As for your sprain, I do hope you get well soon.

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express