May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

I've had many things on my mind in past weeks..  One of them, being a mom,  has been keeping me rather busy & from having much time to share.  

Each year as Mother's Day approaches, I have mixed feelings about it.  Not strong feelings, I don't love nor loath it.. just vague, mixed feelings.
While it's an occasion showcasing rose colored images of hearts, flowers & warm, fuzzy sharing of feelings..   I realize that for many, it's a difficult day. 
Every human on earth got here by means of a mother, yet not all of them have a mom in their lives or have known a mother's love.

I've felt the same mixed emotions about Parents Night during our kids' sports seasons.  These special occasions for special people sometimes draw attention to empty spaces.  Sometimes literally spotlighting the void. 
Mixed feelings.
I can't help but feel sensitive to the reality that it's not a greeting card kind of day for everyone.  

All that said, being a Mom is my life's greatest work.  It's a job I do each day for my kids, for their dad - my partner in this venture called life, and ultimately - for society.  I consider it important business.  And I've been abundantly blessed.  Five healthy kids who have made parenting so easy & enjoyable. (much more often than not)
I had a beautiful day.  I think this, my 17th as a mom, was the best mothers day I've ever had. 
Maybe in large part because I've learned not to have expectations.. whatever will be will be.  (Or maybe I've been so busy I haven't had time to have expectations.) 

We traveled the day before for a baseball tournament, getting home nearing midnight, so it was a treat to sleep in Sunday morning.  I woke up to sunshine pouring in on my face, and a small train of servers filed into the room to deliver bedside breakfast.  A cup of chai, an omelet, french toast, and homemade cinnamon rolls Mitch had spent hours preparing from scratch!
I find it awkward eating breakfast in bed, so I opted to join them in the kitchen.
The younger three kids had brought Mother's Day things home from school on Friday. 
It's been a while, however, since Mason & Eric were in elementary school, where teachers are instrumental in making sure moms get some sort of recognition from their children on Mother's Day.  I was surprised to find cards from the two of them on the table.  (Thanks in part to their Spanish teacher.) 
I laughed so hard I cried.
"Happy Mothers day Mom.  Your The best Mother There is.   Have Your self a gloryful (glorioso!) day.  I know I was probably an accident but I'm sure I'm still your favorite."
Love Mason (Julio is his Spanish class name.) 

"Mom, Happy Mothers Day.  You are the best mama in the world.  Don't worry, be happy.  ☺
Love, Your favorite child, Eric (a.k.a. Carmelo)
Number 2 in chronological order, Number 1 in your heart."

Lilly (4th grade) painted a lovely flower pot with violets planted in it.  

Johnathan (5th grade) made me a wonderful custom list pad with pen.
And Beau (1st grade) created this fine portrait of me:

Comfy pants, chocolate, dates and walks together.. Beau sure knows what makes this mom happy!  And his affection and flattery are ever generous.

I love being their mom.

After sleeping in & breakfast, I washed dishes, tackled laundry & household tasks.  I had really hoped to read a book, but finished the day by giving Mason a haircut.. he's particular about a trim about every 3rd week.  Usual things, but I loved having a day with everyone home - a rarity these days.  It was a good day.

Friday the kids' Track & Field day & afternoon ball game were canceled due to weather, so on a whim, I was able to join my mom on a short road trip to some antique shops & estate sales.  It was a great day spent together enjoying the spontaneous route.  

I thought a lot over the last week about all the moms and non-moms I'm thankful to know as friends. 
A friend of mine (and new mom) had sent me a message saying she felt like the worlds worst friend for not being in touch.
I reassured her she shouldn't feel that way, and proceeded to think a lot about Friendship. 
When it comes down to it, since I've been a wife & a mom I haven't felt that I've been actively on top of my "friend" game.  But I don't beat myself up over it.. because a happy marriage & raising safe, healthy, growing children are first tasks in life at this stage.  I hope true friends near & far know that I'm there for them if they need anything.  But when it comes to daily life, my family has me fully submerged in mine, and I understand when others are wrapped up in theirs.  Life is so full.  I consider that a blessing.  Just as I consider friends who understand and value their partners, babes, & kiddos a blessing.  There will be days for long visits with friends.  Right now our nest is full, there are so many variable factors in a day.  Time & chats with friends are spotty, but all the more special when they do pop up. 
The same can be said for my sharing here.  I love blogging & visiting my blog friends.  If anyone should notice me missing a week here or there and wonder..  
I'm likely busy being a mom.  I'll be back.  :)


  1. It is nice to be a mother. Any gift given by the kid to us is precious. Have a nice day!

  2. i, too, thought of those that did not have mothers - or worse, had harmful, hurtful mothers and all the pain that comes with that emotional scarring. we call carry baggage with us into our lives and create more for others, too. i am glad you have your wonderful children - and they, you.

  3. A very thoughtful and sweet post, Amanda. I am one of those whose children are no longer here, but Mother's Day is still a very precious holiday. My mom visits me in my dreams, too. At my age, it''s normal to be looking back at past mothering. I so enjoy visiting your family through your blog, you have no idea. Thank you, dear Amanda. :-)

  4. What a thoughtful post. I'm glad you had wonderful Mother's Day with your family.

  5. You have a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing the cards from your kids. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you.

  6. I too consider being a mother as my most important job for which I happily resigned from the professional world. I never worked so much before, was never so happy before , never so tired nor exhausted but I would never ever change it for the world.I only get angry when people look down on me or consider me as brain dead because I am "only" a mother.
    I love reading about your family , see many similarities ( you in the US and me over here in Europe) . Enjoy and I am looking forward to read more and more…the lovingly written letters and paintings you shared with us are so precious.

  7. Well---from what I know of you, you are a FANTASTIC mother.... I tried to be one also. In fact, one of my sons wrote the neatest letter on Facebook to me---thanking me for being his Mom. (He's 44.) Made me cry.....


  8. A belated Happy Mother's Day. I spent mine in NH with the new grand baby and of course daughter and son in law. I heard from daughter #2 by phone she was in DC finishing up her last paper for this semester and couldn't be with us on the trip as we had planned. This is the first year without my Mom on Mother's Day. Hard to believe still that she's gone. Spring is just arriving in NH and I think we brought warm weather to them so it was a beautiful weekend.

  9. Hi Amanda, I liked seeing all the children's cards. My Grandchildren showered me with birthday/Mothers Day specialness. I felt like a celebrity! Glad you could spend time enjoying the whole family together. They grow so quickly. Your mothering is truly the most important thing.

  10. I enjoyed reading your post about your children and how your Mother's Day was spent.. sounds like you have a wonderful family with great kids. You are doing a great job as a mother. The letter are really cute! Enjoy your week ahead!

  11. Those cards from your boys gave me a good laugh. You sound like a great mom and obviously your kids appreciate you!

  12. Sounds to me as if you have found wonderful balance in your life.

  13. The cards made me laugh - lots of mothers day stuff happened here too - but it mainly involved being silly!

    Thanks for the comment on my wordy blog - I had a degree of apprehension when I clicked "publish" for that post - I don't often stray into the contested world of things like religion, symbols or other peoples cultures and I know some people can get very offended, very quickly - but as yet I have had no "un-follows" or such like!

    Cheers (and thanks once again) - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Beautiful post . . . I love the homemade cards . . . school time cards too . . .
    Such a wonderful, beautiful mom you are!
    There is no doubt . . .

  15. What a beautiful post, Amanda. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day, full of love.

  16. You raise an impirtant perspective on Mother's Day - and also the other occasions where familymembers are to be present etc ... Not everyone is looking forward to these days, due different reasons...
    Yet at the same time your post is filled with gratitude and the delightful cards from your sweet children ... Oh the one with Spanish is delightful :)
    Yes, there's plenty to be thankful for! And I share your thoughts on everyday life - family comes first, other things therafter :)
    Have a wonderful week, Amanda!

  17. I agree--I know a mother who lost her only daughter and for her it is the most painful day there is. Such a mixed bag of emotions to see another's pain and feel your own blessings from it. Looks like you had a lot of love! I can't believe father's day is right around the corner. I also know what you mean about friendships, it is so hard to keep up or prioritize that aspect of my life, but I do wish I were better about it. Hope the business of this time of year has been good to you, and that you have a relaxing summer to look forward to!