June 28, 2014

Summer Randoms Right Now

1.  It's berry picking time in our homegrown strawberry patch. 

So far about four full ice cream pails have made it to our kitchen.  Many berries are eaten before they make it that far, consumed plant to mouth.   It's a wonderful thing, knowing our strawberries are safe, sweet, healthy goodness.  100% chemical fertilizer and pesticide free.  Washing is optional.  :)
We have run into one dilemma this year, though.  Since not having a dog for a month now, we're being overrun by baby chipmunks!  They're everywhere and adorable.  I was loving them until the moment Mitch pointed out what they're doing to our strawberries.  A bit of a predicament. 
For now the chipmunks are enjoying their share, and the kids theirs'..  but still I've already preserved a good amount in the freezer.

2.  One of our hens (she does lay eggs) gives it her all attempting to crow like a rooster every now & then.  It's awkward and amusing.  

3.  We went to meet my sister's newly adopted cats, Vinny & Mia, Thursday evening.  They're playful happy kitties & the kids adored them.  So many giggles.
We also said hello to her horses, who were eager to receive belly scratches.

4.  Mason had an x-ray yesterday - looking good & the pin is scheduled to come out of his finger July 11th.   Woo hoo!

5.  I had to replant most of my potatoes, since we had monsoons & standing water just after I planted the first time, and most of them rotted.   But the rest of our planting & germination has seen a high success rate this year.  Now all we need is good July growing weather. 

6.  We've been working on final steps of our home project as time allows.  
Mitch hung our new master bath door this past week.  Built from boards he sawed from an oak log, I absolutely love it.  

7.  Their are many reasons to be glad for a bathroom door, but the best thing yet was the other morning, having Beau knock on it & say in a loud whisper, "Mom!  Look on your bed!" 
He had picked me a posy of wildflowers.  I'm so lucky to have wildflowers and Beau.

The weeks are marching by and we're wrapping up our first full month of summer vacation already.  Glad there are still two months more.

Peace, Love, and Crowing Hens,

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  1. aww. such a sweet boy!! and a talented husband you have, too. :) the strawberries look great. glad everything's going well - well, except for the tiny varmints. :)

  2. Oh, what a wonderful, love-filled post, Amanda. I loved it all, but especially the mother in me melted at Beau's beautiful gift to his very special mom. Thank you so much for sharing your world with me. It means a lot. :-)

  3. I just adore you and learning about what's happening in your world. I think tummies filled with strawberries would be good enough to call it a meal one day. That Beau certainly is a lovey, charmer! It brought on the tears for me. Tell Mitch . . . my Mr Kennedy made me a door like that for the garden house. He didn't saw the boards though like your guy!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer . . .

  4. Amanda, your strawberry harvest looks so very good! I preserve them even more simply. I chop them up smaller and sprinkle with one or two tbs of sugar., stir them through and into the freezer in containers they go. I eat them straight from the freezer without thawing. Give them a few minutes on the bench top and they can be prized apart with a fork. Being on my own, I nibble on them in the long winter evenings for my fresh fruit rations straight from the box, reseal and return to freezer. Works a treat. I also made 20 jars of jam without any setting agent and much less sugar than the recipe you use. It keeps my granddaughter happy who loves it on her morning yoghurt.
    So sweet of you to like my name, thanks.

  5. There's nothing I love more than fresh strawberries. Our season here has been over for a couple of weeks. How generous of you to share your berry bounty with the neighborhood chipmunks. :) Your bedroom looks incredible. Your hubby does such nice work. Happy summer to you - enjoy those wonderful children!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    The flowers and the sweetest note from Beau are just melting my heart! So happy to hear that Mason's finder is healing :) Your strawberries looks so delicious - I hope that the chipmunks wouldn't be too hungry ... freezing berries is a great way of storing the vitamins. A crowing hens is something new - Enjoy the summer holidays, Amanda!

  7. Images filled with love and goodness. You have a super productive strawberry patch. Do they survive the winter? Love your door, floor and master bath (great photo) and who wouldn't love Beau's delightful gift and presence.

  8. Love your bath door. Not every house can pull that off, but it works so well for you!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Your strawberries look absolutely delicious -- I can understand why so many of the ones that are picked never make it to the house. I'm sorry to hear about the havoc caused by chipmunks -- we have the same problem. Dogs aren't allowed to be off leash where we live, so we haven't come up with a good solution. I really like your new door.

  10. The strawberries look yummy! Love the pretty horses and photos.. What a sweet bouquet and lovely surprise.. Lovely post, have a happy week!

  11. Strawberries our the best. We don't grow our own anymore but a local berry farm has the best berries and I've purchased several 1/2 flats already this summer. - I think Chipmunk's are so cute, hope you can get some pictures of them. The horses did look to be enjoying those belly rubs. I would have loved seeing the baby kittens, I'm a sucker for any cat or kitten.

  12. Amanda,

    How awesome to have a strawberry patch. My Grandma had one when I was really little. The strawberries, blueberries and cherries have been delicious this spring. Watermelon hit and miss.

    Yeah for sister and cousin time. Add pets, animals and never forget the camera. Good news on Mason's finger. What a sweet little Beau.

    I need to to a garden tour blog post. My garden is changing so fast and it's impossible to take picts in the wind. I might have to take cell phone picts and go with google download. Which is ok. I can see my zucchini plants grow from one day to the next.

    Your house project is coming along nice.

    You are right, where did June go?

  13. Really fun glimpse into your wold! The note and flowers are so precious. I've got notes like that I've hung onto for over 20 years - and they still mean the world! Great bathroom door...worth the wait, I'd say!

  14. So envious of your berries!! Delicious!!

  15. The flowers? So lovely and thoughtful! And your new door? Looks absolutely stunning!
    Hope that the chipmunks will leave some more berries for you.
    Enjoy the summer...today is our second day of vacation!

  16. That is such a sweet note from Beau! Love it!