June 16, 2014

The World Keeps Turning

When I feel something strongly, it helps me to write my way through those feelings.  That was the case with losing McGee.  I couldn't move on to other things before processing that first. 
But fact is, there was a LOT going on for us at that time.
I had hoped things would be different, that he would make it through that final week of school & all it's events, a birthday & surgery.  I'd hoped we would be able to focus on one thing at a time.  But it all happened at once.  The great world was spinning & continues to spin. 
Time to catch up.

The older boys finished another baseball season with a final playoff game. 
Mason couldn't do any fielding with his broken / non-working throwing finger, but they put him in as designated hitter with the bad finger buddy taped to the next and plumbers putty between them for cushion.  He hit a triple, the biggest hit of the game!  
Another year of high school sports done.

The next day Beau graduated First Grade.  He was a "Guard Bee" in the play The Honeybees and the Robbers.  Then his teacher shook his hand & told him "Congratulations, Beau, you're ready for 2nd grade."

A special treat, his 1st grade teacher is also moving to 2nd grade next year, he gets to have her again!

Johnathan's 5th grade class launched rockets and I got to catch a little of the action after Beau's graduation.  It's nice to have all of our kids, K-12 in one building. 
Johnathan moves to a middle school format next year.  This was his last year with one classroom teacher.  Time marches on!

That evening Mason & Eric had their annual high school Awards Banquet.  
The two of them cleaned house with athletic awards, earning Most Valuable Player in all three of our high school sports.   Mason team MVP in football and basketball, and Eric team MVP for baseball for the second year in a row.  They were both awarded All-Conference in football.  Mason made All-Conference basketball.   Baseball conference awards to be announced, as the season was just ending.  Mason ended the season with the highest batting average, and Eric team MVP.  
It's pretty unique for any of these awards to be earned by sophomores, let alone so many of them.  (They earned many of them as freshman as well.) 
We lost McGee in the few hours between those last events, one of the saddest ordeals of my life.  It was with great difficulty that I went straight from the vet to the banquet.  I found it mostly impossible to put a pause button on grief.  But it was a big night for our boys, and we're very proud of their accomplishments. 

The next day was the last day of school and Lilly's 10th birthday.  Just like that, double digits.

Given the week's circumstances, I had been taking things one day at a time, not knowing what each day would bring.  I hadn't make plans for Lilly's birthday.  We were a sad bunch, so to try to boost morale, we made fast arrangements for two of her friends to come home on the bus after school to celebrate.  They had a fun evening. 
I promised a sleepover / slumber party another time, because I had to have Mason to the hospital very early for surgery the next morning.  (What a way to start the first day of summer vacation!)

None of our kids had been put under before, so I was a bit anxious, but his surgery went just fine. 

He now has a pin in the bone of his finger, so all the broken fragments (and tendons attached to them) can heal.  Two weeks down, four to go before the pin comes out.  Mason is counting down the days since he wants to be participating in summer football passing games.
I'm counting down the days because teenage boys are at higher risk of bending the pin (and potentially breaking it off.)  So far so good!

Sometime after returning home from the hospital that afternoon, company left & I finally crashed.  I don't think I've ever felt exhaustion as I did that week.  So much grief & worry & eventfulness all mixed together.  So much going & being around people, when I'm a person who needs alone time and quiet in times of difficulty.    

I spent a couple of days focused on restoration.  I read.  I mowed.  Kids played.  We welcomed the downtime & settled into summer vacation..

And a million smaller simpler things have been filling our days.  :)
I can't wait to share them.


  1. i'm glad you managed through a joyous and sorrowful and stressful few days. i hope the summertime will go well - as i know it'll go too quickly!

  2. Your family is so wonderful. How can they be so special to me, who will never meet any of them? And I do understand how much we need time to rest and regenerate after a period like you've just been through, Amanda. Sending you lots of virtual hugs. And congratulations to your fine children for all they have accomplished! :-)

  3. Whew. What a load to carry, Amanda. I'm glad things have settled down and you have the time to sit.

    We are off on an adventure - a trip to England. Was to be 4 of us but a week ago my brother had a major bicycle accident landing him in the hospital. He's still there (in AZ) so they will not be going with us. Dan and I will be walking a circle route through the English Cotswolds for 8 days then 3 days in London. Neither of us have ever been. Exciting.

  4. Wow - you have outstanding kids! And happy birthday to your sweet daughter. Glad you are done with all the flurry of activities, and you can get a much-deserved rest. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Seems like some down time is just what yo all need right now. Enjoy those wonderful small things along the way.

  6. Oh my . . . not much wildly simple, more wildly wild . . .
    I hope you are getting the quiet time and rest you need and time for a grieving heart.
    I am sending you my caring . . .

  7. goodness I'd need lots of coffee and vitamins to keep up to you-congrats to all of your bambinos, talented and bright just like their parents I think :-), Mason looks so vulnerable there glad his surgery went well and hope he manages to keep the pin intact- love the Lilly series and belated HB wishes to her from France.

  8. I hope that you and your entire family can now enjoy some peaceful, lazy days of summer. I hope Mason's finger heals completely and quickly.

  9. Poor girl... You need some DOWN time.. BUT--I remember those days raising kids and being so busy.. Too bad the timing was so bad for McGee's death to come at this particular time. But--that is life --and we all make it through those times, as hard as they may be.

    You have wonderful children --who are excelling in so many ways. Congrats to all of them... Hope Mason's finger heals completely and quickly... I know it's hard for him to have to wait!!!!


  10. Hope that you will find some peace and quiet time during summer to recharge your batteries .What a lovely girl Lily is and Beau looks so very happy and proud. All the best and have a wonderful summer.