July 10, 2014

Getting Patched Up

Yesterday I had an operation, a simple procedure to repair an umbilical hernia that appeared during my last pregnancy 7-8 years ago.  Being our 5th child, and that the four before him included twins, were all likely contributors.  Lifting many heavy boxes of slate during the final month of pregnancy while working on a large flooring project might have been a tipping point, as well.
Anyway, it had been put off long enough & my doctor said it was time to "patch me up." 
That's what they did yesterday.

There is no convenient time to recover from surgery, but I figured now is as good a time as any.  Fall and winter are more likely to bring colds and coughs, and we are much busier with sports and activities.  Summers are leisurely in that aspect. 

So here I am.  
I was literally "patched up."  A mesh patch was placed on the back of my abdominal wall, and stitched into place.  The patch will stay there, new tissue will grow into it and it should be stronger than ever before.  Beau thinks this is incredible.
He also asked if the mom on the Sound of Music had to have a patch, too, since she had so many children.  (I didn't remind him that they were motherless, a key circumstance of the story.)

Something of note -should you happen to be having a hernia operation- is that my surgeon and anesthesiologist decided that I was a good candidate for local anesthesia and monitored IV sedation, rather than general anesthesia.
I highly recommend this!  There seem to be less risks and waking up was quick and easy.  I've only had surgery once before, a tonsillectomy when I was 16, which I had general anesthesia for.  I fell asleep much the same, but the waking up was so much better. 
I don't remember a thing about the operation after I was strapped to the operating table (which I found surprisingly comfortable for the minute or less before drifting off to sleep.)

Now the recovery phase.  I'm hoping it goes as smooth as possible!
I don't do narcotics, so I'm boycotting the strong pain meds prescribed to me.  I'd much prefer to have pain over altered sensation & wooziness.
The downside to this is last night was pretty uncomfortable.  (Ok, today has been, too.. our core is a highly used area and I'm feeling it big time with each small movement.) 
The upside is that I'm not drugging myself and I think I'll heal much better.  Feeling when I'm tweaking stitches or straining the affected area is preventing me from overdoing things.

Thank goodness surgery was a breeze & I'm home recovering. 
Thank goodness for Mitch who's caring for me kindly. 
Thank goodness for the kids who wreaked havoc on my midsection.
And for my mom who brings get well ice cream (gelato, actually) to her kids.. long after we're grown.
Thank goodness for a wonderfully full life that I can't wait to resume at a normal pace in a few days.

And, though it's not under favorable circumstances, I'm thankful for some down time. 
Time to read, write, process thoughts, and more. 
I have much to share!

Peace, Love, and Battle Scars,


  1. awww, sweet girl. heal fast and well and enjoy some 'quieter' time for you. :)

  2. What a great attitude, dear Amanda. I'm glad it's behind you and commend you on your ability to reject the pain meds. You should be fine. And you have always got extra strength tylenol or ibuprofen for the rough patches, right? Sending you healing hugs. :-)

  3. Glad you are feeling good after your surgery, Amanda. Enjoy the "down time" and letting your family spoil you.

  4. It's always good to get a surgery out of the way. Sounds like you have a great crew of people caring for you. Take care and heal quickly! :)

  5. Like you I'd rather go with the pain than the painkillers - as long as you can still sleep. Enjoy being looked after and having a few days down time. I'm guessing there may be some list making while you're out of action as your brain keeps thinking of things to do.
    Eight children here, including twins but no hernia - varicose veins are a different matter and no so easily fixed if required.

  6. Hope you recover quickly. :-)

  7. Amanda, you have the right attitude for healing. So long as you stay ahead of the pain, anticipating it by taking tylenol you should be fine with out the narcotics. I never could tolerate the narcotics. They made me throw up which was worse. You must have a stored up list of ideas for blogs so I'll look forward to reading them. :)

  8. Wish I could bring you some gelato too . . .
    This is YOUR time . . . I am sure your children will treat you as wonderfully as you for them . . .
    Rest that tummy . . . heal smoothly, perfectly, easily . . .
    Sending you my caring . . . with a hug!

  9. I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such good nurses and caregivers (and ice cream bringers!).

  10. Don't forget the ice! I found ice to be a great help after my surgeries. Take care!

  11. Prayers for your recovery, Amanda. I agree completely about doing what you can without general anesthesia and staying away from the powerful pain medications. Proud of you...

    Hugs and Prayers,

  12. Speedy recovery and so lovely to hear that the family is looking after you! And enjoy the ice cream ...no sharing!

  13. Amanda, I'm sending healing thoughts your way. Be a good girl now and try to rest and heal. You have all those younguns to be your slaves.

  14. I had the same thing with Luke, but due to a bad cough in my 7th month. I had it repaired as soon as he stopped nursing because you could see it...my upper abs looked weird. (At least, to me.)

    Hoping you're feeling great today!

  15. I'm happy your surgery went fine & that you get lots of tender loving care, Amanda ~ the best medicine ever!