August 27, 2014

Impromptu Anniversary Date | Duluth, MN

Saturday was our anniversary.  We needed to pick up some school shoes and a load of material from the lumberyard in Duluth, so we made a date of it. 
Duluth is our nearest & dearest city.  I love Canal Park, Glensheen Mansion, the architecture, the rock and creeks and hillside.  And I love Lake Superior. 
We decided to head to Enger Park & see the Enger Tower up close for the first time. 
It was busy when we got there, with wedding parties having their photos taken & crowds of rather noisy people.  We aren't typically Saturday sightseers, so we almost turned around at the parking lot and left. 
But we had stopped for an early dinner first, and I figured all of these people would be leaving for dinner soon.  We fled to the adjoining Superior Hiking Trail for a little while, where we didn't see a single person.  And by the time we were back to the park it had cleared out significantly.

We ended up approaching the tower from an alternative path all to ourselves. 
An enchanting one, too, I thought.

Dedicated in 1939 by the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway, the five story stone tower stands on top of the hillside overlooking the Duluth Harbor and St. Louis Bay some 500+ feet above the level of Lake Superior.

It was a gloomy, moody weather day, heavily overcast & foggy on top of the hill.  I was worried we wouldn't be able to see anything from the tower, but visibility was fair below. 

The tower offered varying views from it's windows; harbor, city, industrial, countryside. 

Duluth is famous for it's Aerial Lift Bridge (above.)  The bridge spans the Duluth Ship Canal, which was put through the thin, long sand spit named Minnesota Point (commonly referred to as Park Point by locals.)

Park Point is approximately 7 miles in length, and when included with adjacent Wisconsin Point, which extends 3 miles out from the city of Superior, Wisconsin, is reported to be the largest freshwater sand spit in the world at a total of 10 miles.  (wikipedia)
Later we randomly decided to cross the bridge and drive out to Park Point.
But first we explored Enger Park with less people.  It was lovely.


Passing through a crowded & bustling Canal Park, we headed out to Park Point.
Here we found respite from the crowds!  
It was windy out on the point, Lake Superior was loud & crashing, how I like it best.     

We watched some kite surfers, took some pictures, walked the beach a bit.

Then we were off to finish our errands and return home to our kiddos for the night. 
It was a great way to spend an impromptu sort of day.

Our wedding day, seventeen years later.  

Peace, Love, and Awkward Anniversary Selfies,

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  1. such lovely impressions!! and all the for you wedding day - looks so happy, sympathetic and beautiful.

    best regards from north germany,

  2. Sounds like it was a perfect anniversary celebration. Congratulations!

  3. That's a really NICE selfie! Happy anniversary to you both, and thanks for the tour of the tower and the beach. I enjoyed being along with you. :-)

  4. hooray for 17 years and many more to come! :)

    looks like a great day for the two of you to explore.

  5. Happy Anniversary, you two.... Love that last photo of you... How special is that!!!! AND--it looks like 'my' type of a way to spend your anniversary: Hiking, Views, Good Food, Flowers --and just having fun together. LOVE it....That tower is truly awesome.... Thanks for sharing your favorite day with us.


  6. Happy Anniversary, Amanda and Mitch! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day together.

  7. a very happy anniversary to you both!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! You are a cute couple. Thanks for sharing the photos from your trip.

  9. Happy Anniversary. Looks like you had a great time together. Some really wonderful shots. I especially like the path shot leading up to the tower, the shots of the tower, the beach shots (the sepia toned shot was very nice) and of course the happy couple.

  10. you made quite the day of it. lovely scenes.

    it's our anniversary too. 19.

  11. This looks like my kind of day, out and about exploring the world and enjoying the fresh air and view.... Yep, definitely me and I love the beach when it is loud and bracing, maybe even more so than when it is calm and warm. Something to invigorating about it


  12. Beautiful place...beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary and love that yellow flower:)

  13. All the best and many more happy years! What a nice way to spend the day .Love the beach especially in bad nice and quiet.

  14. GORGEOUS . . .
    You write with such warmth, I love it!
    Happy Anniversary . . . a few days past . . .

  15. So full of love! Happy Anniversary.

  16. I'm late visiting, but I couldn't stop by without saying Happy Anniversary (keep them coming...). I've been showing my hubby your gorgeous photography. I love Lake Superior, too. My best friend owns a cottage in Eagle Harbor.