September 5, 2014

Last Hurrah of Summer | Park Point Beach

The kids are back to school this week.   Two juniors, a 6th grader, 5th grader, and 2nd grader.
I'm never thrilled when school starts, but I usually take it in stride fairly well.  I feel like this was the hardest summer to let go of yet. 
We wanted to enjoy one last day of adventure before Labor Day weekend crowds and the start of school, so last Thursday Mitch took the day off work and we headed out with the three younger kids.  (Mason & Eric had football practice.  But they had these same kinds of adventures when they were younger.)
We went to Duluth and ended up retracing some of the places we'd just been for our anniversary, only this time the sun was shining & we saw them through the eyes of our kids. 
Here they are out on Park Point, loving Lake Superior.
I couldn't ask for more perfect moments to savor summer.  Sitting in the warm, fine sand, the sound of wind & waves & laughter, watching their bliss.
I was pretty sure they were feeling their inner Karate Kid below.
Rocky and Apollo, too.

We forgot to bring swim clothes or dry clothes, so  they rolled up their pants to get their feet wet and run in the sand.  Gradually the waves kept catching them higher & higher though, and they got wetter & wetter.  Especially Beau, he eventually went all in.  That's what summer days are made for.  We had a towel & made due from there.

Beau was bursting with joy and energy these last moments of summer as a seven year old.  
He practiced handstands.  Eric is our other handstand kid - Beau is reminding me of that.  Eric was always trying to walk on his hands when he was younger, and showed us the other night that he can still do it pretty well even though he hasn't practiced in a while.

Nailed it.

Johnathan is such an observer and thinker.  He watched the waves like this for the longest time.  Sometimes I observe him, and think about what he's thinking.  :)  I wondered if he was counting them. 
This year our 6th grade was moved upstairs to a middle school format.  He now changes rooms & teachers all day and walks the halls with 6-12th graders between classes.  I was so nervous for him.  He's doing just fine.

It hardly seems possible that Lilly is in 5th grade already.  She's been enjoying lots of time with her best friend, which reminds me of being that age.  She's growing up quickly.  I'm thankful she's content being the 10 years old she is, and not trying to be 16 (or 20).

This was only one stop in our adventure as we chased what was left of summer. 
We had such a fun day.

Peace, Love, and Warm Summer Memories, 


  1. such beautiful kids you have - their souls shine through your photos. :)

  2. Gorgeous summer memories and children. I'm always sad to see mine go back to school too.

  3. A wonderful ending of the summer. Love the image of Jonathan watching the waves. They all grow up too fast!

  4. Your beautiful images always have so much feeling in them, Amanda. You really capture "moments."

  5. They are growing up very fast. Lily is just a step or two away from being a lovely young woman, and she's only ten! Makes me feel kinda funny, realizing I'm watching them from a distance but they still mean so much to me. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful children, I get a lot of joy from them. :-)

  6. What a wonderful way to end the summer. Your photos (and words) are as beautiful as your children.

  7. The perfect way to spend the last of summer together. I can see you stepping inside each one's mind and loving them for who they are.

  8. Sounds like the perfect end to summer. It is always bittersweet; I love having them home and the freedom of summer, but come fall the schedule feels pretty good! I love the karate kid picture! Happy Weekend!

  9. Such dreamy beach shots, Amanda. I have 3 sixth grade middle schooler Grands this year! I was a little nervous about them changing schools, but all adjusted well. I also have a 10 year old (as of next Wednesday). All my grands, even the oldest 11 year olds still act like children - they have fun unselfconsciously and don't mind hugs and kisses from Grammy. I know that will soon change, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Good Luck to all of yours this school year.

  10. Nice set of pictures. It is impossible for kids to stay dry at the beach - and as I parent the quicker you come to except this the easier beach days become!

    And the longer kids stay kids the better - they are adults for long enough!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Gorgeous children, wonderful day, perfect hand stand pictures . . .
    Thanks for the smiles . . .

  12. What a lovely post. The beach is such a great place and your kiddo's looked to be having a grand time there.

  13. What gorgeous shots!

  14. Such a sweet farewell to a lovely summer ... I love your photos, Amanda - the handstands and Lilly playing with the sand, the wind playing in her hair ... wonderful! Han feen your heart beating for your family, and dealing whit the bittersweet change from holidays back to school.

  15. What fun and remindful to me of both my days in late summer on the North Shore with my parents and later with our two sons....:)