January 21, 2015

Onward & Upward | Ten Goals for 2015

goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
resolution: a firm decision to do something. firmness of purpose, intention.
commitment: the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.
priority: something given specified attention.

As we entered the new year, I spent a good deal of thought on all of the above, and a good deal of time tweaking, fine tuning, and articulating my thoughts into a list. 
And then..  IT DISAPPEARED!!!   Oofda.  
It's important to me to commit my goals to writing.  So I will try, try again.
My priorities, commitments, intentions and goals for the 2015: 

1.  Captain of My Ship : Stay On Course
At the beginning of 2014, I made a conscious decision to be intentional in my influences (Good Vibes.)  To say no to unnecessary commitments.  Be true to my priorities, in command of my choices, Captain of my time.  Trust my inner peace as my navigation guide. 
I've seen great benefits from this over the past year.  I like where it has led me and will continue along the same path.
This might seem like a vague, non-specific goal, but it's been the most important and influential one I've ever set.  It's worth a reminder.

2.  Nurture Passions, Cultivate Creativity
I felt my passion for photography slip this past year.  In particular, I found I wasn't taking photos as much as usual.  Photography has been an extension of myself, really connecting me to my surroundings for many years.  Most of my adult life, my camera has gone everywhere I've gone. Acquiring a smartphone in 2014 played a part in my using my camera less.  It was easy to leave my bulky camera behind when I had one that fit in my pocket and could send photos anywhere at the touch of a screen.  (A computer hard drive failure didn't help much either.) 
I aim to refocus on my connection with my camera, which means carrying it with me no matter how cumbersome or less convenient it may sometimes seem. 
Additionally, I intend to nurture my creative core as a whole.  Do more with it. 

3.  Explore to our fullest ability.
This goes hand in hand with nurturing creativity and passion.  New places and exploring are some of my greatest inspiration.  I've been digging into maps over the first weeks of 2015 and look forward to where it will take us.
Goal:  Plan more mini-adventures with the kids, as often as possible (flexible goal of once a month.)
And one mini-to-grand married people adventure without the kids.  We're past due.  Exploring is good for us!

4.  Send at least one hand written note a week. 
Technology, great in many ways, has affected the amount of snail mail I've sent in recent years.  I love sending and receiving personal notes, and I read a couple of books last year that inspired me by way of pen and stamp, as well.   
I plan to send at least one hand written note a week in 2015 in hopes to brighten someone's day (including my own.)  I'm off to a good start and plan to also include the kids in this goal.  Beau has an envelope ready to go today. :)
I was happy to learn a couple of other people I know have included this in their resolutions, too!  

5.  Read One Book a Month
My 2014 goal was to read fifty books
.  I read anything I could get my hands on. 
This year my goal is to read one (hopefully really good) book from my more selective stacks and recommendations each calendar month.   I aim to focus more on quality and balance. (I find that when I read a lot, I don't write as much, and so on.)

6.  Be healthier.  I'm grateful for good health.  But I can be healthier, and I've set some personal goals to do so.  A common, cliche kind of resolution, I know.. But I'm a first timer! 
Nothing extreme, just good, realistic, healthy goals.  I'm experiencing an all new-to-me mindset.  It's a good thing.
7.  Minimize stuff.  Maximize efficiency. 
I did very well to curb my vintage / thrifting weakness in 2014.  Since my reform, I've found that I have a lot of awesome but unnecessary stuff.  As a family of seven, outgrowing things is also a constant in our household. 
My goal:  Find a good use or place for everything in our home, or BE GONE WITH IT!
Develop an Outbox and use it with gusto.

8.  Let it be.  Just do it.  (Try to be a little less particular.)
This wasn't on my initial list, but stems from reading a post a friend wrote about some of her obsessive compulsive personality quirks.  It really made me think!
I often feel the need to change things that aren't "just so." 
For example: Dishes put in the dishwasher haphazardly.  I rearrange dishes or silverware every day.
I'm willing to bet the dishwasher will still get them clean even when they aren't loaded my particular, systematic way, and I challenge myself to try and let them be.
Now I'm not saying I'm going to drastically change my housekeeping ways. Order and aesthetically pleasing surroundings are part of my personal preferences that make me me, and give me peace.  I like my towels folded and stacked a certain way.  Parking our shoes neatly keeps us from tripping on them or walking in puddles.  But some things, like dirty dishes tucked away in a dishwasher, I could try to let slide.  Baby steps.  :)
Equally, sometimes this part of my personality, the part that likes things just so, prevents me from getting things done.  I somewhat envy the person who can spontaneously hang things on their wall without painstaking -or any- consideration.  I have many (this goes along with #7) things to be hung on my walls that aren't.. because of the constraints of my particularity.  So I challenge myself to just do it. 

9.  Do Small Acts that Make a Big Difference
I'm not sure where this goal will take me yet.  I am not a person who likes to be "involved" a whole lot.  I enjoy solitude, and keeping out of public activity.  But even people like me can make a big difference in small ways.  I'll be on the lookout and updating as I discover them. 
Update:  I made a wonderful Small Acts discovery!

10.  Embrace Change  
2015 is full of possibility.  There are areas in our life where change may be good for us.  Schools / educational opportunities are some of those possible areas.  Life will certainly be changing as we gain another teenager and our oldest will become young adults.     
"What's comin' will come, an' we'll meet it when it does." - Rubeus Hagrid

I've been working on many of these things and look forward to updating on my progress.
I hope 2015 brings good things for us all! 


  1. This is a very well thought out and complete list, Amanda. I like all of them and know you will be able to accomplish very much of it during the year. Intention is the key, I think. Writing it all down is a start. :-)

  2. Amanda, those are some worthy goals. I hope you'll post on how well you're keeping up with them. Mine are not as lofty.

  3. That's a great list. Kudos for you for writing it down and sharing your goals. I always say I'm going to write out a list every Jan 1st, but then never follow through. And I laughed about your dishwasher rearranging - I do the same thing! :) Happy 2015 to you!

  4. These are fine goals for all of us. I especially like your first and ninth goals. I may borrow those (and a couple of others!).

  5. i love your #4. such a simple thing that takes so little time and yet can be such a nice surprise! i might have to borrow that! and i can relate to #9 a whole lot. i do not 'get out' or mingle much. but even in my trips to walmart, i try to spread extra smiles or compliments or whatever.

  6. I enjoyed reading your 2915 . . . It gave me food for thought in many ways . . .
    I liked this quote . . .
    "What's comin' will come, an' we'll meet it when it does." - Rubeus Hagrid

  7. 2015, not 2915 . . . smile!

  8. I thought only my husband rearranges the dishwasher! After over 48 years of marriage, we've finally adjusted to our little quirks! Numbers 4, 8, 9, and 10 are my favorite. You have a good list to start the new year, Amanda.

  9. What a fantastic group of goals---one in which we ALL should try to live by... I can't think of any of them which cannot be accomplished... Love your thoughts on doing LITTLE things --such as writing a hand-written note each week... We all can do things like that.

    Great thoughts.... Hope you (and I) have a fantastic 2015. I just want to get and stay HEALTHY.


  10. Most excellent goals, my friend! Onward & Upward!!

  11. What an inspiring list!

  12. What an amazing list. And making this list makes you more accountable. So smart my friend. I LOVE #1 Not always easy, but once you practice and perfect it the rewards are worth it.


  13. Thank you for posting your goals - Your do encourage me and challenge me as well, especially in writing a note / card / letter so someone each week - I am on it! And to commit myself of doing this, I will take a photo of just a tiny part of this note - an easy way of being accountable (do you mind being my "note counsellor" - I could send you a photo / week via Instagram - it can send direct messages as well - I received a note from a friend to Christmas so I found out about that function :) Another goal I would love to adopt is reading a book each month, that is not work-related / not a theory book.
    Wishing you a wonderful year - that comes one moment at a time - luckily that is all we have in a sense to think and live - this present moment :)