February 9, 2015

International Snow Sculpting Symposium

We enjoyed a northern Minnesota Out and About this weekend.  
Our boys had a rare Saturday basketball game up the road in Ely, MN, so we left early and made a day of it.
We spend much of our long winter traveling all over the northern half of the state for basketball games, but all on weeknights after dark. 
It was nice to spend the day stopping to enjoy the scenery.

Ely is best known as a popular entry point for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the International Wolf Center, and the North American Bear Center.
We spent our honeymoon in Ely! 
When we arrived into town, we happened upon the International Snow Sculpting Symposium.
We enjoyed a very cold walk in the park checking out the action as the sculptors worked.  

This big hand was one of my favorites, there was a Musk Ox charging out of the palm.

Artists start with a giant compressed block of snow and use only non-motorized tools to work their magic.  They were busy shoveling, sawing, sweeping, and carving. 

This sculpture was half elephant, half octopus. (The creators were working on its curling tentacles.)

There was an actual Octopus in the works, too:

The flying pig (with little pig looking up to it) was complete.. another favorite!

The young man below had his ski goggles on.  Smart.  It was COLD!  The artists work from morning til night.  My eyes were streaming with tears from the bitter cold air as we watched them. 

A minion in the smaller amateur division:

The eyes of the creature from the Never Ending Story are made of ice candles.  
After dark the sculptures can be viewed by ice candle light.

A great (though cold) day to stop and see the snow sculptures.

Peace, Love, and Winter Fun,

Sharing with Our World Tuesday


  1. very cool! like the flying piggie tail!

  2. How exciting to see the sculptures take on a life of their own before your eyes.

  3. these brilliant artists. i'd like to see them work in person.

    thanks for sharing.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. How cool is this?! I am impressed by their talent!

  5. Amanda,
    That looks like a fun event to stumble upon. I am amazed at what people find to do as their "thing". I love to see the variety of art forms that people are talented at.

  6. Oh how cool! I love the flying pig and of course, the minion!

  7. These are fantastic, fun and entertaining. ! Love the people standing among those big masses of snow and ice !

  8. I laughed out loud at the pig tail, but they are all fun to see. Thank you so much for sharing them with me, and I'm glad you are now toasty warm and not out there in the cold! :-)

  9. What fun that must have been . . . such creativity . . .
    Must have been freezing cold . . . at least I was freezing as I looked at the sculptures . . .

  10. Sounds like a perfect family weekend for all and full of fun with those snow sculptures and happy memories as well.

  11. What amazing and beautiful sculptures.

  12. These are incredible sculptures! And reading about that Ely has wolf and bear center? I have to plan a visit to your part of the world.
    It sounds as if you have had a wonderful day out despite the icy weather.

  13. Great, this people are great artists
    Great shots, I'm excited.
    This is my post my post
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  14. How Cool is this. I'm so glad you shared this with us.


  15. These snow sculptures are fantastic, although I must admit I was glad to be able to enjoy them inside our nice cozy house.

  16. Wow---those are TREMENDOUS... I love watching and seeing "Snow Sculpture"... But--since we don't get much snow and ice here, I'll have to enjoy your photos. We do have Sand Sculpture here which is also awesome... Thanks for sharing.


  17. Great photos! Loved all the details that the sculptors add. Amazing talent!

  18. Wow , cute ice scultuur, have a nice week.


  19. Looks mighty chilly there! We just had our ice sculpture display. Both last year and this year, we had a warming trend during the ice sculptures - not good for the art!

  20. These are amazing but can't imagine being able to stand that cold!

  21. We saw this event several years back when our best friends daughter worked for the famous photographer in Ely. It was awfully cold that day too....

  22. What great things - I really like the pigs!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  23. What a wonderful adventure - The elephant-octopus looks so creative, as well as that hand with the musk ox! And the idea of the temporary element - the sculptures are made of ice, so their existence is limited in time ... Unique!

  24. love the lions head! Too bad their artwork will melt when it gets warmer!

  25. These are amazing! The hand is particularly well crafted. Would have been tempting to keep watching for a long time - if it wasn't so cold!