March 27, 2015

Backward Glances and Spring in My Step

I found the photo above at random on my phone- taken by accident with the front facing camera feature when instead I was aiming the other way at the kids in kayaks on the pond.  (Our pond had opened up a couple of weeks ago.  It's once again frozen over.)
When I saw this image, I liked it so much I kept it.  A beautiful blooper. 
Fitting for the quote, because it is indeed a backward glance over my shoulder! 
True words, applicable to Northern Minnesota, especially in March and April. 

Random Five:

1.  Last week was a hard week, explaining my absence for a while.  I attended funeral services for a friend and visited our dearest neighbor in the hospital the same day.
The loss of a friend brought on a great deal of thought, which I hope to share more about soon.  Thank goodness our friend and neighbor Marianne is on the mend.  We care a great deal for her.  She had me worried! 

2.  If you haven't had fresh parsnips dug up from the frozen Minnesota ground in March, you don't know what you're missing.  Marianne's sons come visiting the homestead each March for their birthdays (one of them turned 70 this year) and take to the garden with a pry bar.  They shared a few of their prized parsnips with us.  DELICIOUS.  I'll be giving parsnip seeds a go this gardening season.

3.  Late Saturday afternoon after a quiet day of recuperating, my phone rang with a surprise invitation to go hiking with Marianne's visiting daughter.  We agreed to meet in the field at 4 o' clock and enjoyed three hours of cold fresh air, hiking through the woods together.  My phone said we put on 7.1 miles.  I'm not sure if that's accurate, but it was invigorating. 

4.  My hiking visit, as well as a few long chats with friends came at wonderful times last week. Often solitary by nature and largely family oriented, I'm thankful for connected conversations and friends I can pick up with wherever we left off, as if a few months is no different than a few moments.  Isn't is wonderful to be understood? 

5.  I had the snow tires swapped off of my car yesterday for regular tires once again..  optimistic that I won't need them anymore this year.  :)

It's still quite cold here, but I'm feeling a whole lot of Spring in my step.
Peace, Love, and PARSNIPS, 
(Try them!)

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  1. It is nice to read your random five. Have a nice day!

  2. i like your 'mistake' shot. :) and hiking with marianne's daughter sounds like well-needed therapy. :)

  3. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Must be hard. I know for me I would start thinking about my own mortality and how I would face it.

    I do like parsnips but have never grown them. I use them in butternut squash soup (I do grow those) and like to roast them with other root veggies.

    We had 70º yesterday but its back to 40º today.

  4. I liked the Peace , Love and PARSNIPS . . .
    I will have to try them some day!

    Sad for you in your friends death . . . I find that when things like that happened to me, my soul gets stirred, tossed and tousled . . . and I need time to bring care to myself. My passed weeks have been precisely that and now I am bringing care back into me . . .

    Be tender with yourself Amanda . . .

  5. I took the logs out of the back of my truck -- wishful thinking here too! :)

  6. Hi Amanda,
    The Finnish proverb made me smile - it happens almost every spring (we had a few snowflakes last weekend - falling on the narcissus heads popping up from the ground).
    I am sorry to hear about your loss ... The final farewells ... the funeral ... leave one often wordless - My condolences ...
    It is though wonderful to hear that Marianne is doing better - You have mentioned her many times - her visits, her birthdays, and her warm and kind heart ... She is lucky to have you and your family as friends and neighbours.
    PS. I got both books from the library today (The Shoemakers Daughter and the Unbroken - Easter Holidays has started today and I will open the Unbroken tonight :)

  7. I sure hope you're right about not needing snow tires anymore this season. We started working working on our flower beds earlier this week and are facing a hard freeze warning for the next two nights. So I find your quote to be very appropriate.

  8. So sorry for the loss of your friend.
    I'm glad you were able to get out and about and enjoy some time with friends hiking.

  9. Hello Amanda, I love your pretty sky shot! So sorry for the loss of your friend. The hike sounds wonderful. I am hoping we do not have any more snow too. Have a happy weekend and thanks for visiting my post.

  10. One of my community garden friends shared his parsnips with me last year and yes, they were delicious! I'm sorry to hear of your recent losses but I do hope that you will be right as rain soon. (We can say that here in the Pacific Northwest since we know how right rain really can be!) :-)

  11. I like the accidental shot as well! I'm sorry about your loss of a friend and your worry over another. Friends are precious gifts. It IS always wonderful when you can pick up right where you left off with someone.

  12. That is a wonderful, "accidental", shot!

  13. So excited to hear you went hiking! :) But very sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Nice photo and quote, and good to hear from you!

  14. Amanda,

    It's never easy to deal with the loss of someone we are friends or family with. Even if we don't know the person well, it still makes us think about life and how we are living it.

    Glad to hear Marianne is doing ok and that she (and you) had fun visitors.

    Parsnips look like white carrots, right? They must have a fabulous flavor all their own. How did were they prepared?

    A cold fresh air, hike through the woods sounds like fun to me. I hope to see pictures of your hike soon.

    Picking up were we left off with friends that we haven't seen in a while is priceless. Those that are "like us" and understand who we are will always hold a special place in our hearts, no matter how long between conversations or visits.

    I like your optimism on the snow tires. I hope we don't have a major winter weather event in April or May. It makes a lot of work in the calving barn.

    Love and Blessings to you!

    1. Yes, Robyn - fabulous flavor, brought out best after freeze. (Hence the tradition next door of digging then up every March) I don't know of any other vegetable that would still be good after freezing in the ground here, but they say it's essential for the sweetest parsnips.
      We sliced them up and sautéed them in butter, then salted. Better than candy! They disappeared extremely fast. :)

    2. Yes, Robyn - fabulous flavor, brought out best after freeze. (Hence the tradition next door of digging then up every March) I don't know of any other vegetable that would still be good after freezing in the ground here, but they say it's essential for the sweetest parsnips.
      We sliced them up and sautéed them in butter, then salted. Better than candy! They disappeared extremely fast. :)

  15. That Finnish proverb is so true! It's back to winter here again. That's a lovely sky shot.

  16. So sorry about your friend. Those Finns knew all about winter! :) I love parsnips! Happy Weekend!

  17. Can you believe I've never eaten parsnips (let alone cooked them)! My sympathy on the loss of your friend. For me, good friends are such a treasure, to lose one is a mountainous grief. I hope you aren't being too optimistic with the tire change...

  18. Ah, parsnips. Love them roasted, and also as a hidden layer under the potato in cottage pies.

    Glad you neighbour is on the mend.

    Also glad you liked my 'Home' post - and I really like that quote - although I feel it may not always be true.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  19. Minnesota parsnips... Yes. On the first day of Aprils spring finally arrived in the Minnesotas fable southern banana belt. The snow is gone and forecasted for mid seventies today. I'm already planning my fall fishing trip to Big Mantrap north of Park Rapids . Talk about thinking ahead...:)

  20. Amanda - I am so glad that we are connecting. Isn't it so funny how the social media circles go round and round. Sounds like we like similar things in life and definitely the water. We will miss Marquette so much. It has become a bit a second home for us over the past six years, with my precious girl living there for the past four years. But she is excited and nervous to get on with the next stage of her life. Glad we connected :)