November 8, 2015

Mysterious Legends, Mischievious Characters

Another October has come and gone, and with it - Halloween.  I'd been scheming of ways we could bypass Halloween this year with some fun alternative thing instead.  My brainstorming involved a pool for the kids to swim in and a book for me to read.
It was highly appealing.

Then at the last minute, enthusiasm kicked in and I worked impromptu the day of Halloween to create costumes for the kids.

Lilly chose to be Pippi Longstocking. 
We had fun getting her braids to stick out.  Amazingly, they stayed the whole evening.
We rummaged closets for Pippi attire and I sewed a smock in short order, cut from an old denim slipcover.  My sewing is crude.  I don't have the patience to follow a pattern.  But for quick creative hacks on Halloween.. it works!

Beau announced last minute he was going to be a golfer. (All October he'd talked only of being spy.)
Some argyle, his favorite beard, a golf club from the garage (none of us golf.. I have no idea where they came from) and he was set.

Pippi of the North Woods and Golf Legend Man

Some friends had invited us to join them trick-or-treating.  We had a wonderful time!
This was our first time ever trick-or-treating door to door in town.  (The kids' and my own!) 
We'd only gone to rural friends, family and neighbors all our years before. 
We hit up some fun neighborhoods with houses and yards decorated to all degrees.  It was fun seeing the costumes lining the sidewalks.  The kids got a haul of treats.  Only a few people said Golf Legend Man looked too old for trick-or-treating. ;)   All in all - a very family friendly, festive Halloween evening.

Due to timing, we missed Marianne for the first time in our Halloween history as her neighbor.  (17 years!)  She was anxious to see what goblins or get-ups we'd have this year, so we agreed to stop the next day.

Johnathan had decided to sit this Halloween out, but we convinced him to don a little disguise just for Marianne.
We weren't going to attempt Pippi hair again, so improvised once more.  Lilly became an art museum thief, wearing her brother's too-big shoes and all.  Her sneakers are all too brightly colored.

Stoic Aviator, The Mona Lisa Bandit, and the return of Golf Legend Man.

We hopped in the Ranger and were off.  It looked like I was traveling with a bunch of incognito robbers on some great heist this All Hallows Day.

The Aviator in charge of navigation:

Golf Legend Man holds onto his hat.

And the Mona Lisa Bandit rides shotgun as she cooks up a scheme.

Marianne loved it.

These are all phone photos.  I recently took pictures of the kids with my actual camera. Will share soon.

I often wonder why we celebrate Halloween. 
Then I'm reminded once again that I'm pretty sure we do it to have fun. 
And we did.

Peace, Love, and Strange Traditions,

PS:  I just spent some time looking back at Halloweens past.. I'm noticing a definite tend in my last minute enthusiasm and preparation!
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  1. No trick or treaters here ever since we moved in 10 years ago. The only thing I do these days for Halloween is pull out the pottery jack o lanterns the daughters made when they were little as part of my front hall decor. As a teacher it was just a fun time for kids. After all there needs to be fun in learning.

  2. I loved reading and seeing your Halloween "dress ups!"
    Fun to go back and see years previous too.
    I liked the forty two pound pumpkin from a few years back . . ..
    Pippi Longstocking wins an "all time favorite" in my book . . .

  3. I love these phone pictures! They are very good and show what a good eye you have. Love Pippi! :-)

  4. Great costumes, especially since they were last minute! I loved all your photos, especially the black and white ones. Since now my kids are grown and gone I'm finding I miss the days when they used to dress up and trick or treat. Enjoy these holidays while you can.

  5. You manage last minute what most people couldn't pull off in weeks! We never get any trick or treaters because we live too far up the mountain. Most kids stay on designated trick or treat streets in town. Your golfer definitely looks Scottish! I love that last portrait of the Mona Lisa Bandit. (She was adorable as Pippi, too.) My grandkids went as Star Wars characters and Frozen characters (all costumes hand-made). My daughter-in-laws are incredibly creative and like your children, my grands love to help in the process. Happy birthday to the birthday boys!

  6. It rained here on Halloween so we barely had any trick-or-treaters show up (10) braved the weather.
    Loved your impromptu costumes. Also your photos here were amazing.

  7. So well done Amanda, even if it was last minute. Loved the kids "looks", and your photos were superb. We never get trick or treaters here, not close enough to the subdivision and not quite in the country.

  8. the kids looked great. and i know marianne was thrilled to have the special visit.

  9. Very topical - my daughter is reading Pippi Longstockings! (at least in part because her name is Pippa!)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Wow, you did good getting it all together at the last minute. We had trick-or-treaters at the quilt re-treat and it was fun seeing all the costumes and what people came up with. We haven't had any come to our home since moving here 5 years ago, that's the downside of living out in the country :(

  11. The best part ... knowing that Beau has a favorite beard. ha ha!

  12. Those black and white photos are especially good with the great costumes and models.

  13. LOL, cute costumes and photos. What a fu Halloween! Have a happy week!

  14. I am smiling here - Beau's last minute change of what he's going to be on Halloween - I know the feeling ... but as always, something very good is going to be found as a costume!
    How lovely it has been for you to try a totally new form of Trickle and Treat - and also that you do remember your neighbor the next day!
    I like to much these black and white photos - a great mood and feeling! Enjoy the season of being inside ... reading books and having candles in the evenings :)
    P.S. It is snowing here right now - the first snow this year!