our family

A brief overview on us:
I'm Amanda:  Mom, Wife, Homemaker.  I love to learn, explore, photograph, and create, just about anything.
Mitchell:  Dad, Husband, Expert Builder.  He loves sawing logs with sawmill, archery, and bakes awesome cookies.

We were married very young & were building our first home as we were turning 19 & 20.  We've rarely stopped building things since. 
Our home is in the woods of northern Minnesota. We have five really easy going kids.
We strongly agreed when becoming parents that one of us would always be home with them.  We've stuck to that value & wouldn't trade it for the world. 

We were DIYers long before we'd stepped foot in a Home Depot or seen Pinterest, and ate organic before it was something we'd heard of.  I used to feel like a nerd for canning & sewing more than a decade ago.  We were made fun of for raising chickens.  Now it's all the rage and even an "urban trend!" 
We see these things as the basics, and people are finally trying to get back to them. 
It's a good thing. 

We believe in family, integrity, common sense, & simplicity in life. 

Our kids:
Mason & Eric.  Twin teenage athletes.  Have grown up using saws & hammers.   
Johnathan - The pond guy.  Biologist, frog expert, thinker by the backyard campfire.
Lilly - The girl of the house.  Ever creative & artistically inclined, keeps up with all male activity.
Beau - Our cherry on top.  Our sweet, affectionate people person.  He completes our family.

Random bits about us:
We eat wild game and rarely buy store bought-meat.  (Just as warning, as there may occasionally be hunting & fishing photos.)
We don't have television in our home, and love it.  Commercial free environments are wonderfully awesome.
As a family, our usual getaway is on the water in remote northern Ontario.  Time there without running water or electricity is a treat.
Our kids go to a very small, rural public school.  However, we firmly believe that home is the greatest & most important institution of learning for our kids.
Our dog is named McGee.  Everyone asks what he is.  I did an extensive amount of nation-wide searching to find him as a puppy.  He's a mutt, a rescued pound pup.
The hardest thing about having seven people in our household is matching all the socks in the laundry.
Life is wild.  Life is simple.  Life is good.


  1. Just found your blog and I love everything you're about! Nothin' but respect : )

  2. Nothin' but thanks! - for visiting, and your kind words. :)

  3. This is awesome, I love it all!! :) I'm so glad you stopped by Chaos & Coffee, it led me here :) Have a blessed day!!

  4. Good Morning Amanda....I just found your blog and finished reading about your beautiful family and what a wonderful life you have. I admire your philosophy immensely and I have always believed that family comes first. You have so many great qualities as a mother and homemaker and you make it all sound so easy.

    Your writing is eloquent and your photographs are extraordinary. They all seem to depict a quiet, peaceful solitude and they transport you to the beautiful countryside that you live in. Thank you for sharing this all and I will be back to visit again. You are an amazing person.

  5. What a great about page! Loved reading about you and your family :)

    And your family picture is beautiful :)

  6. I love this. Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed your free spirit, your photo's and your talent.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog just now and so glad I did! What a beautiful family you have,

  8. Beautiful family and your blog is awesome!

  9. I had saved this onto my iPad desk images . . . Just clicked on it and looked at your family then, remembering it now . . . and then I went and looked at McGee pics . . .
    Oh my . . . what a dog, pet, love!

  10. I came across your blog. Lovely family and your hubby for sure is a good looking man as one would say. He is a keeper and you to him.Pretty lady.

    I like what you stand for. I brought my boys up. Sweat from your brow. Well my hubby did really.
    My daughter was with me in house doing odds and ends. Now she is a Mom like you. She can bake and so forth.

    How many people now a days bring up kids to respect and others. I am a Grandmother so I am seeing where your coming from.

    Be proud. When your children get in that big world. They will be fine. Too many kids are into the texing too much. Work to them. What is that.

    You have your head screwed on right . Thanks for sharing your family, your beautiful country and your story.

  11. Look, now I can comment on your stuff. I still have the post card you sent me when you were traveling/working with Kiki. I always enjoyed your writing :)