May 17, 2011

Choose happiness.

"Choose to experience peace, rather than conflict." 
-Gerald Jampolsky

Those words hit home under this roof we've created for our family.  They sum up the way we've been trying to live, since our beginning.

I crave calm. 
And a smooth-as-possible flow to our daily life.
I enjoy simple days.  Consistency is a comfort thing to me, high ranking in my values.  I'm drawn to cheerful people.   I hear it's good to surround yourself with them.
I feel that one of the most important responsibilities of my lifetime is to give our kids a calm, peaceful, environment and the joy of a genuine childhood.
Conflict, on the other hand, drives me away. Hostility, confrontation; we choose not.

We're all responsible for choosing our own happiness.

Beau & I got our potatoes, radishes, carrots & spinach planted in the garden yesterday.  A beautiful week, we're soaking up our share of vitamin D & keeping watch on the woodland wildflowers grabbing their chance to bloom before the trees above them leaf out, blocking the sun. 

We've entered a jam-packed, busy, final two weeks of the school year.  Adding to things, Dad is several hundred miles away working.  
I'll do my best to get all that needs to be done, done.
And given the choice, I'll choose happiness at each new bend & fork in the road.
The Awkward (but happy) Selfie, Beau & I, shot in monochrome.

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  1. Wonderful picture again! And you guys have chosen the very best way to raise your family!