May 21, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Native wildflowers in the woods : Why I love every day in May.  
May 11. Wild Oats.
Wood Anemone, thick in bloom:
May 16. Our first Trillium opened. 
They've since taken over the forest floor.. kind of a magical sight. 
Violets, Common Blue & Downy Yellow.
May 19. Wild Ginger, flowering abundantly.
Deer ticks thick this year, collecting my share as I become one with the ground to capture low spring blooms.
Wide spread this year, a favorite for Beau: Jack, Jack, Jack in the Pulpit.
May 18: Bellwort.
May 18. Our first (modest) Nodding Trillium bloom.
Many on their way.  I love them.
  May 21: Forget-me-nots popped up near the pond.
All added to the peak of the marsh marrigold & still some bloodroot. 
And watching over many more blooms to come.
But the best thing of all: Sharing the love, learning, & enthusiasm for these beauties with the kids.  We have the greatest time, getting down & dirty, looking from new angles, discovering what is commonly unseen.  Their excitement and curiosity, the gentleness & appreciation they're learning, it's the best. 
  "Come forth into the light of things.  Let nature be your teacher."
William Woodsworth.


  1. Nice post. I've been admiring the May forest floor too, but you know the names better than I do.

  2. Each picture is magical! The kids are indeed lucky to share this adventure with you.

  3. beautiful. pretty enough to sell pics. i love the forget-me-nots one.

  4. Awesome pictures! what I wouldn't do to live on the side of the woods! we just don't have the nature sad I miss all the minnesota flowers :) thanks for sharing