June 30, 2011

Almost a World Record [Canada 2011]

It was the evening of June 18th.  We were out, just Johnathan, Mitch, & I in the boat, catching our usual limit for dinner.  I had become discouraged with the amount of consecutive snags I'd had, leading to lost jigs, and so I retired to sitting back & taking photos.
Mitch was just letting one go over the side of the boat, when Johnathan had a bite.  When he has a bite, he always lights up with great enthusiasm, "Got one!"   
For a moment, Mitch thought it was going to be the same little fish he had just let swim away, already biting on to Johnathan's line.   
And then his rod bent in half & his eyes got big & he started exclaiming, "HO-LY!!"
He fought & reeled, and I snapped photos & Mitch & I were greatly amused.
Fishing, as usual.
 Mitch just done releasing one.  The plunge of the line.  
The usual excitement at this point.
A bit of awe & wonder setting in.
The "this is no ordinary fish" moment of exclamation.

At some point, the underwater giant surfaced as Johnathan got it up to the boat & I shouted something I don't usually shout, "OH my God!!"   
It was a beast.  The eyes on that walleye were like fifty-cent pieces. The fanned dorsal fin something comparable to a Spinosaurus.
Mitch had ahold of it briefly, to land it, but if flipped out of his hands. At that point I realized we may need a net. We never use nets, but the kids happened to bring one with for fun this time. That's when I stopped taking photos to get the net & hand it to Mitch. And that's when the mighty strong fish fought itself right off the hook with one final, powerful swish & was gone.
Gone. We all exhaled & groaned & smiled. The thrill. And the disappointment. But mainly the thrill.
Johnathan was such a good sport about it, disappointed-but-exhilarated & smiling.
We told him we wouldn't have been able to keep it anyway. Fish that big aren't good for eating, and those are the big ones that put millions more little fish in the lake.
It sure would have been something to get a picture of him with it, though.
Had I not reached for the net, I might have at least gotten a picture of the fish when it surfaced & we all saw it.  Later we realized a fish like that wasn't going to fit in a net that well anyway.
But the pictures I did get make us smile & recall the excitement & memory for us, as good as any fish photo.  As Mitch told Johnathan, "It doesn't matter. We saw it, that's all that matters."   :)
Every bite after that, it was like there was this new moment of possibility.  There are dinosaurs in the deep.


  1. Those pics took me there. Pretty cool. Tell him that by IGFA rules it's a caught fish.

  2. Wow, that's amazing! I can feel the excitement...the pics and the story makes me feel the thrill!