June 13, 2011

Lilly Turned Seven {The Party}

Lilly turned seven the Sunday after she finished first grade.   We were lucky that a handful of friends weren't busy with Memorial Weekend plans, and also that they didn't mind my very informal & last minute invitations.   (That was one busy final week of the school year!)

We made chocolate-strawberry-vanilla layered cupcakes. 
And fresh smoked fish.   What little girl party is complete without the aroma of a wood smoker filling the air?  :)   Mitch had just completed the smoker & put it to first use on Lilly's birthday.  All of the wood is cedar Mitch sawed from a salvaged old telephone pole.  
There was kickball.  Bicycle riding.  Playing in the playhouse.  Running in the sprinkler.  
There were flowers.  Tadpoles.  Many more treats.   
And a boat load of kids.  Two of them jumped into the pond.
One little girl asked me, "How did it feel, having first graders in charge of a boat?"  
The life guard was on duty at all times. 
There were visitors.  The guest of honor was our neighbor Marianne, 92, who came over for a cupcake & ice cream.  Some of her kids were visiting as well.  We always enjoy visiting with our wonderful neighbor family. 
There was an outbreak of squeals & excitement outside at one point as evening set in.   Johnathan had finally caught the turtle that had been chased back & forth across the pond earlier. 
There were lots of smiles.  Big smiles.  Happy smiles.  Missing tooth smiles.
Lilly's birthday celebration ended (or continued, rather) with a spontaneous sleepover.   A couple of girls decided to stay when their rides came to get them. 
It was our first time hosting a "girl slumber party," and a delight. 
Little girls are just so lovey together.  They watched a movie, raided closets, painted fingers & toes.
Thankfully the globs of nail polish came off the kitchen floor. :)
In the morning they snuck into my room & delivered a special card they'd made for me.  
It was a happy, exhausting, wonderfully good seven-year-old time.


  1. what a fun party to have a boatride on a pond and everything! my boys are currently begging for a turtle, are you keeping it as a pet or throwing it back into the pond? I love that your 92 year old neighbor came...my 87 year old grandparents talk about how they feel loved by their neighbors;)

  2. Sounds like a magical time!