June 11, 2011

Baseball - Mason & Eric's 7th Grade Season

With snow coming until the end of April (or later) and school out the end of May, there isn't much of a school baseball season guaranteed here in northern Minnesota. Mason & Eric got five games in this year for their first school league season / 7th grade year. All three weekend tournament attempts were canceled due to weather.

Since summer vacation started they've hitched a few rides with the varsity football coach at 5:30 am to the weightroom. Gotta work on being their buffest for football.

They've played a couple of late night double headers on the 13-15 summer league baseball team. Not sure how much summer ball they'll play this year. Last year we put the rest of our summer on hold for it; and it was awfully consuming.  This year we'll go about it in a casual manner.

I only managed a few photos during the school season..
Eric pitching, Mason catching:

Mason pitching, Eric catching"

Eric safe sliding into home.

Eric, power hitting.

Mason running bases on a great hit.

Rounding first on another double.

They're fun to watch.. these twin brothers / teammates.

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