June 1, 2011

School's out. Old Pond Turtle.

The kids finished school Friday.  The year flew by incredibly fast. 
Saturday we were invited to half a dozen graduation parties, and, unfortunately, made it to none.   
Sunday Lilly turned seven years old!  We celebrated all day long & hosted our first "girl" sleepover.   It was a good and exhausting time.     
As I just glanced out the window, there was a kid on the garage roof.  It was Eric. I made him get down & put the ladder away, just like I did at the end of our last summer vacation. 
We saw the turtle out sunning on rocks around the pond all last week.  
Johnathan caught it (her, I believe) late in the day during Lilly's birthday celebration. 
And again today. 
It's become something of a start-of summer-vacation tradition to catch the turtle for a photo.
Beau just a few months old.  Mason holding the turtle. 
I think this may have been the year the turtle latched onto Johnathan's finger.
 We'd already let our hard shelled friend go today, but I made the kids all sit on the steps for a photo, since they're (amazingly!) all home.  Figures that they're in summer vacation mode & entirely grubby.  Oh well.
Happy summer vacation.  
And please.  Be good to turtles.


  1. happy birthday and summer vacation. we have been so busy here too. cute pics.

  2. I agree, please be nice to turtles:)

    Great pictures,Happy Birthday Lilly and here's to a relaxing carefree summer!