September 24, 2011

Fall is here.

Gone are barefoot days (though Beau's hanging on to those flip flops as long as he can.)  Went for a walk in the woods with my blue boots on today.  It smelled fantastic.  Not a lot of mushrooms, but a few tiny ones here & there on mossy logs if you look close.
Leaves are reallly hanging on to their green this year, and onto their trees.
We had an early hard freeze.  Record early, in my documentation over our gardening years.  All the old curtains & sheets & slipcovers I covered our plants with would've fended off a little frost, but couldn't save them from the hard freeze.
I feel like I have a whole page chapter of fill-in-the-blanks to fill in, on many happenings.  Still never caught up on summer stuff.  Kids are back to school.  Great football season in progress (minus a head injury for Eric.)  My brother got married last weekend. 
For now, though - enjoying this beautiful fall day for a bit.

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