September 30, 2011

Our dog, McGee.

Last night I got the notion to share some appreciation for our four footed family member.  He's always there on the fringes of photos, & a steady fixture in our home.  But he doesn't get much mention usually.
Coincidentally, today I learned it's the final day of "National Dog Week."
So here's a photographic tribute to McGee, who sees us come & go, day in & day out, during our daily lives. He who holds down the fort while we're away.  Tolerates me cooking him oatmeal, or brown rice/split peas & green bean concoctions when we run out of dog food. 
He who protected our home from a trespasser this summer- seeking out the stranger who was up to no good, hiding in the woods by our house.  Who's hair stands up when the coyotes are too near & barks the skunks & raccoons away from the yard & garden with his low & barrelling voice.
He who jumps all over the traveling meat sales people (which I'm ok with), always greets us with enthusiasm, and dances a happy trot when it's time for a walk.  Lover of basking in the sun & laying by the fire. 
Our super-mutt & humble companion.
McGee was born in Kentucky in an animal shelter around Feb. 2008 to Ruby, a redbone coonhound mix.  At that same time, I was on a great search for a red dog with a black nose.  Soon after, their shelter suffered a bad flood, the animals there were sick from the conditions (the south has more parasite issues than we do), and they were all going to be put down.  One of nine pups (all boys & fathered by a boxer, as the underbite & characteristics gave away at birth), he & his brothers & mom were relayed north by animal rescue agencies & ended up north of Duluth, MN. 
That's when he came up in my search.  (Petfinder is a wonderful site for animals who need a family.)
We met a handfull of brothers a couple of weeks before they were adoption-ready, and knew instantly that he was the one.  Dozens of papers later & nearly signing our life away (only a slight exaggeration) his long journey ended at our house.  Home at last.

Baby McGee.  About 9 wks.

Almost a mirror-image of two young fellers getting to know one-another.

Lilly was terrified of dogs in her first few years-
until McGee came into her life. 

McGee's first spring. Early adventures out & about.

 Seeing his kids off to school for the first time in the fall. 
Look how baby-faced they were!  (Johnathan starting kindergarten)

And waiting for them to come back home.

The photo of McGee that was used in a winning 5th grade presidential campaign.

McGee, around the time he decided he likes chairs.

Congratulating Johnathan on his kindergarten graduation day.

Standing watchful over his kids on the pond.

Loved-by-Beau McGee.

Nose to the wind McGee.

Squirrel up a tree McGee.

Cozy Headrest McGee.

Storytime McGee.

Sleepy time McGee.

 Testing the new ice on the pond.

Deep-snow adventurer.

McGee in flight.  

Kangoaroo McGee.

Hippopotamus McGee..

Striking a show dog pose McGee. 

Smiling on the first day of summer vacation with all his kids home.

Waiting on the front porch as we come home.

Loyal friend.

Good dog, McGee.


  1. Wonderful ode to McGee. He's such a good boy!

  2. Oh my. What a beautiful series vignettes. The children and a wonderful dog to love. Lucky him. Lucky you and yours..... :)

  3. McGee is his own kind of handsome! He's also a very nice house guest...welcome anytime.

  4. Oh my! What a truly handsome hound! I can see the Boxer in his head, but the rest of him is Redbone! And yes, Redbones look a lot like a ridgeless I do strongly see the similarity to my beloved Charlie.

    You are wise to take so many pictures of McGee. He is clearly a loved member of your Pack!

    Thank you for sharing this post with me (and my kids). We all think you have a wonderful Barko-o-lounger too!