September 11, 2011

Tater Thoughts

This was the first potato we dug up out of our garden this year.  It happened to be a red one.  We also have Yukon Golds planted (I love them) and we've dug up several more since this one, as needed for dinner.
I love this photo.  It is beauty to me.  Johnathan's gentle, eight year old hands, speckled with native dirt, holding home-grown, natural texture, color & goodness.   
Some people think they have to go to the coast or the mountains or somewhere far, far away for beautiful photos.  Sure, you can easily find beauty in those places (hard to miss it.)  But this is simple beauty to me, right here.

Did you know that one medium spud contains zero fat grams, 45 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, and more potassium than a banana?
I like baked potatoes & mashed potatoes.  Mitch likes potatoes roasted in garlic, herbs & butter.  Beau also likes his potatoes mashed, or "mushed up" as he says. 

When I look at this photo I also think of the "Little Potato" song by Malcom Daglish.  Great song. 
"I’ll go and play in the mud
to be with you my spud.
When you came out looking red as a beet,
You had wrinkles on the bottoms of your feet.  
Oh, you are so sweet potato!"

Our kitchen sink is full of fresh-scrubbed garden potatoes at the moment.  I love how the tender skins wash right off without having to peel them when they're fresh out of the garden.  

Today Johnathan, Lilly & Beau came marching through the house carrying buckets of veggies from the garden & Beau announced (in his happy, sing-song voice of enthusiasm) "Mom, we are going to have a FEAST!"  Mitch has pork tenderloin in the smoker.  I think BBQ and potatoes are wonderful together.  Sweet corn, too.  Our sweet corn has been great this year.  But this isn't about corn, it's about potatoes. 

Idaho is known for their spuds, and it just so happens that I'd love to go to Idaho.  I think it looks like a gorgeous place.  It does make me think of Napoleon Dynamite, a little.  And "tots." 

The story of my great grandpa's decision to leave Finland & come to America took place in a potato field, if I remember correctly.
My father-in-law made potato salad for our wedding, 14 years ago in August.  I've never eaten potato salad, though I've made it a few times. 

Humble, earth friendly, easy to grow and versatile.
That's my free write about potatoes today.
How do you like your potatoes?

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  1. First time visitor. Really nice post. We're the same way with potatoes. I do love the Yukon Golds and its "mushe" or baked. Never fried. Your sons big one that got away was fun to read and watch. I was so hopping he'd get it in. But at least you knew what it was. Oft time they get away with even seeing them and then you always wonder...... :)