September 30, 2011

This & that.

Last night Mason ran out of clean underwear, so I got a couple of loads of laundry done in the middle of the night. :)

It occurred to me in the laundry room that fall grass stains on the jeans of 3rd grade boys are very much like the pains of childbirth.
Time lessens the intensity in your memory.
Sure, you remember they were bad.  
It appears Johnathan has been having a good time on the playground.

A while ago I was mowing the lawn, which in our case spreads here & there around different parts of our property.  I was over by the sawmill shed, trimming around the buildings & small pond.  The boat (trailered) needed to be moved so I could mow under it.  I didn't feel like hooking up to it with the four wheeler, and so I decided to just lift the tongue of the trailer & move it by hand.  It was heavier / harder than I expected, but with some fair amount of strain I got it moved in a few (painful on the hands) attempts.  As I did, Beau said, "WOW, Mom!  YOU'RE JUST LIKE MISS TRUNCHBULL!!"  
I think he was honestly impressed and offering his appreciation for my efforts, but If you've ever seen the movie Matilda, that is something of a non-compliment. 
(For the record, Miss Trunchbull does lift & move a car.) 
Lilly got the sweetest note from one of her friends this week.  
It says:
Hi Lilly
I wish we
were sisters do
you?  I love
you Lilly
It's touching to see that even though she wasn't born with sisters, she's finding them in her friends. 

While Beau & I were digging root vegetables out of the garden this week, he asked if I would want to live in China Town.  I said no.  He informed me that China Town is VERY, VERY hot.

Beau still can't say his "r"s.  He's growing up so fast in every other way, and I know it won't last that much longer.  So I'm guilty of finding it adorable while I try to encourage him to learn the right way.  Last night I got caught up in looking at old photos and I asked him today (as he was pouring his own juice) how he got so big.
He said matter-of-factly, holding up fingers, "Well, first I turned TWO, then I turned THREE, then I turned four!"  
I can't believe he'll be in school next year.    
I can't believe how quickly he's growing. 
How they all are.

Mitch has been working away from home since the first day of school.  My hands have never been more full.  Not with newborn or toddler twins or any other time.. THESE are the busiest days I've seen.  Full of good things, no doubt!  But busy.
Not enough hours in our evenings.. I wish I could somehow sit at the table to help with 2nd & 3rd grade homework and be in the kitchen making dinner at the same time.   Or if only I could be getting dinner on the table, or helping with homework, when I'm running to get Mason & Eric from football practice instead.
While getting Lilly tucked in & her clothes laid for the next day, it would be so helpful if I could be downstairs seeing that Johnathan has brushed his teeth, picked up his legos enough not to trip on them in the night, and gotten into bed to read.  (because if I'm not there to make sure of it, you can bet he hasn't.)
Getting Eric to & from doctor appointments latley & back in time to be home when the younger kids get off the bus or back again to pick up Mason, has been a scramble.  Many errands & things I should do while in town, but no time between this & that.  I need to be in too many places at once.  They say it feels good to be needed..  but it's been a little much. 
Toss in a few photo projects (I'm trying not to take many on - I CAN'T - but have a few prior commitments to keep.)  
Mason & Eric are home such a few short hours each night.  Long enough to eat, do homework, eat again, shower & sleep.  I miss their helping hands to carry in firewood or take out the occasional trash or recycling & odd jobs. 
Doing the best I can to compensate & keep up. 

My best has it's loopholes though.
Johnathan was asked to be a junior escort for homecoming this week.  He was supposed to dress up & deliver the crown for the king.  I had his clothes hanging on a hook by the door for a week & a half, and wouldn't you know - when the day finally came, I forgot all about it.  I missed the calls from the teacher, because I was out doing much needed mowing & gardening on an extra beautiful day that (I thought) involved no running.  Felt so bad.  He still did the job, but in his ordinary school jeans & T-shirt.  Which isn't that big of a deal.  But my forgetting & how he probably felt about it are. 
On the bright side, Fall colors are gorgeous & leaves are falling.  Seizing moments to enjoy it. 
Eric finally checked out better yesterday with the PT/impact specialist for his football concussion.
Hallelujah to that.

I love seeing how many carrots & bananas the younger kids have been eating for after school snacks.
And hearing about their days.  Johnathan has been doing yoga in school and Lilly has been learning all about kites.
Mason & Eric have had their noses in books most available moments.  I'm glad to see them enjoying reading more than ever before.
We didn't have any football games this week - but last week there were two.  Eric was out of commission for both, but Mason had some HUGE plays, performing very well - giving us spectators quite a show.

And hey- it's Friday.  We get to catch a small break (maybe?  hopefully.. ) over the weekend.  :)

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