September 2, 2011


I've been seeing & hearing a lot of talk on wellness lately. 
It's had me thinking about what wellness is to me.

Now I'm mainly hearing the term used in reference to "fitness" (physical) health.  To me, wellness is so much more.  It's balance.  Happiness.  A healthy mind & attitude.  (I so love the Dalai Lama.)  Healthy relationships & surroundings.  Clean air & environment.  Being foursquare with your life, feeling you're where you're meant to be.

Personally, I don't believe in going to a gym, or health club. 
For me, that would mean:
a) Driving there.  Car time & fuel consumption don't fall under my idea of wellness.
b) A facility that uses electricity; artificial lights, sound, likely air conditioning, industrial strength chemical cleaners, etc.  Non-components of health and wellness to me.
c) Schedule, schedule, schedule.  Adding to our family's scheduling & being ruled by the clock doesn't suit my priorities or our overall wellness.
My idea of healthy physical activity is being outdoors.  It's the best place on earth to get vitamin D the natural way.  (Did you know vitamin D deficiency has reached a world-wide epidemic?)
I love going for my walks.  (Our dog does, too.)  They make me feel better. 
Occasionally one or more of the kids joins me on their bike if they feel like joining, we spread out & enjoy the scenery.
I love knowing I can go out the front door (or back door into the woods if I prefer) and walk a couple of miles without meeting a car or seeing another person.
I empty my mind. 
I throw in boxing moves.  Speed bag & cross punches. No one can see me.  It's all good.
Wellness is breathing fresh air.
Knowing I'm not doing a darn thing to rob or dirty the earth.
Smelling the damp woodland smell, trees, leaves, what's blossoming. 
Being in tune with my surroundings, hearing the birds, the breeze, or the quiet.  Noticing seasonal changes.
I've started adding sprints to my walks.  They feel great.  I toss about 4 sprints into my route. I'd guess about -100 meters. (power pole to power pole along our road.)  I prefer it so much over jogging.

Writing here on this blog is also a part of wellness to me.  It helps me sort my thoughts & let them out.
"Experts" say no matter the subject, journaling is a great stress reliever - supposedly may even be good for your immune system.  Helps clarify your feelings and calms you down.  It does that for me.  They also say going through what you've written can promote gratitude, by shifting the focus to the good things in your life.

There's creative wellness, too.  Amanda Michelle Moon sent me a book this past fall (a random act of kindness, which I hope to reciprocate) - titled, The artist within: A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.  I think creative wellness is often overlooked, and I love the idea behind the book.  It's based on the eight principals of design: emphasis, balance, proportion, unity, harmony, contrast, rhythm, and repetition.  Applying those same principals to your life adds wellness.

Wellness to me is drinking lots of cold, clean Minnesota water.  Keeping the "junk" out of our life - from fast food to television commercials, to excess landfill "stuff."  Drinking milk & eating my Cheerios.  And a yummy treat once in a while too.  Wellness to me is not overly strict or rigid.  We live once.  Enjoy it.  Have some chocolate.    
Wellness is the ability to relax.
Having healthy priorities.
A sense of security.  Living within our means.
Moral truth.
Continued learning.  Wide interests.
Being as real as possible.
Wellness is simplicity.  I strive for the two of them as one.


  1. i do not do gyms either and i love to take walks. I was walking in the rain yesterday and my neighbor thought i was crazy...she stopped her car to ask if their was some emergency why would I be out in the rain??? No, I said I am just enjoying a She thought I was nuts.

  2. Funny!
    I enjoy a walk in the rain, too. :)