October 3, 2011

Around the House in 80 Seconds

They say home is the heart of life.
This week I was snapping photos, when an idea was born in my mind - to photograph more deliberately around our home. 
Old things that have stories behind them to be passed on: The hutch that was my great-grandparents', rocks I collected as a kid, a houseplant that has been divided & passed on for generations. 
Current things that tell their own stories of what's happening now: Spelling lists on the table, Lincoln Logs in the living room, apples everywhere from Mr. Jacobson's trees. 
Super thrifty finds & random creations that bring me joy.
Details that we might laugh at down the road (choice in purses or shoes) or bring back sweet memories (there won't be toys in the shower for ever.)
I figure the kids might think it's interesting some day to see bits & pieces of our home, ever changing over the months & years.  Maybe they'll look back & say, "What ugly couch pillows we had in the teens!"  Is that was we call the decade we're in now - the teens?  Or, "Those were the shoes I learned to tie on!"  Or hopefully, "Wow, those pots & pans sure have been around a long time," and "Mom sure loved to display our stuff on the fridge!"  :)   

Project: Around the House in 80 Seconds.

  1. 'Watkins Products' tote from my cousin, Julie.  Don't know why it would have made her think of us. ;)
  2. Picture Lilly made for Dad while we were on the road to a football game.  They just went apple picking again together yesterday.
  3. Those little cowboy boots leave the worst black marks all over the floors, but they've been loved by the kids.
  4. G.I. Joe & friends have been seen hanging out on the shelves of our kitchen island.  I got the (real) silver basket at an estate sale in Anoka for about 50 cents.  I've started a collection of super-thrift silver.  Kind of fun. 
  5. A couple of small pumpkins from our garden.  The stick randomly placed with them is a piece of driftwood from our visit to Lake Sakakawea on the Missouri River this summer.
  6. Pencils & colored pencils all sharpened for after-school homework.  My mom gave me the hour glass for Christmas.
  7. Beau's sneakers.  He's so good at tying them.  The six-legged stool I picked up at Gold Rush Days in 2010.
  8. I painted / stenciled this sign yesterday on a piece of wood that had blown off an abandoned home in North Dakota.  I love salvaged wood.
  9. With fall has come the need for our jackets & vests.  Time to put away Johnathan & Beau's wedding suit coats.  I love hats.  Got a new bag for 99 cents at goodwill the other day.  I've been wearing my blue down vest for years & years now, a Christmas present from Peggy.
  10. Starfish from our Oregon trip, amidst pictures of the kids.
  11. Farm magnets that have been getting used for years, stuck to our dishwasher that my uncle picked up at Ikea for us - for FIVE DOLLARS!  Never used, it had been a display model, and had a couple of holes drilled in the top of the tub.  We fixed them with a couple of dabs of caulking, and it's been washing dishes ever since.


  1. Home is definitely the most important of memories...I've always thought we are the luckiest people on earth to live where we live and have such wonderful memories...

  2. you are a good mama amanda :) Your kids will always be able to have fond memories of their childhoods and the many wonderful things you did with them or helped them learn or taught them. You are inspiring you make people want to be better. That is a great trait to have and you will be able to pass that onto each of your children. Now the only problem is that with you raising such fine young men why don't we live closer together so our kids could be friends? what a shame... oh how I wish ... I can have dreams too right.