October 30, 2011


Reflect: to think, ponder, or meditate.  
According to a book I read, reflecting, reflection, deepens your soul.  Perhaps.  It's something I find calming & enjoyable, anyway.

A couple of weekends ago I was having a difficult time & so I got lost in the pages of books & the pieces of puzzles.  Johnathan had wanted to do this thousand piece puzzle, and well, once I start, I can't stop.  I'm the same with reading a book. 
One of the books I read was based on events during the Trujillo Era in the Dominican Republic.  These events were horrific and made me feel very appreciative of our freedom.  But in the adjoining timeframe, I saw a documentary piece a friend shared online, on the media & what most humans are subjected to & having burned into their brains.  I thought this was horrific, too.  It made me wish our country had some censorship. 
I wish there were a happy medium. 

Random - but speaking of media, I was painting Lilly's room a couple of days ago (Watermelon Pink. Holy buckets.) when Beau, my chatterbox conversationalist side-kick, said "Mom.  Do you know that Lady Goggles is VERY wee-uhd." 
I asked him where in the world did he hear about 'Lady Goggles?'  
"On the neews.  And Lady Goggles is VERY wee-uhd."  
I asked him where in the world did he see the news?  (We don't have television.) 
He said, "I heard on the news on the raaadio, that Lady Goggles is very, very wee-uhd."   

Yes, Beau.  I only know about as much about her as you do, but I agree- Lady Goggles is weird.

And young ears sure do pick things up.

I believe it was the weekend after my book & puzzle marathon..  I set out to do some exploring to some places that I've been longing to see for ages.  I didn't make it far though.  Home is where my heart is, particularly when my family is there.  So I ran some errands, and then did some exploring a little closer to home..
I visited a lake where we used to camp with aunts & cousins as kids.  My great uncle built a log home on that lake.  His wife, Wanda, still lives there.  The lake is still stunning.  The whole area is.  I poked around the Suomi Hills, a chilly, quiet evening.  The young bucks were really out.  I was pretty close to one & we stood there, staring at each other for quite a while. 
I had such a feeling of home-land.  My great grandfather came to that area from Finland -then went back overseas to France for WWI- and then came to the area yet again & created a life, a family.  As I wandered around, I couldn't help but feel pretty amazed that this was the land where he taught my grandma to trap when she was a girl.  Roads they traveled lifetimes ago.  
When I was in early grade school, we learned a poem, it was for the same performance that I learned the "Land of the Silver Birch" song.
It, too, stayed with me from that age of seven years old.  
"Breathes there the man, with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, this is my own, my native land!"
(Kind of strong words, for seven year olds.. but it stuck.)
Anyway, just as being surrounded by our Ontario water & rock makes me chant "blue lake & rocky shore"...
The Suomi Hills made me feel inside, "this is my native land!"
I stopped at several lakes all the way home, watched the steam rise off the water.  And came home with the deep, deep feeling- that I love this land.

Long story, leading into some photos.
Reflecting at Caribou Lake.
Young buck near the Laurentian Divide.
I was losing daylight, but was stopped by this:  
"New construction" underway, I believe it was on Northstar Lake.  
Quite possibly built by Finlanders of Soumi years ago.
A few other good things to reflect on; some photos found hiding in our other fall happenings.
This one dated Sept. 24th.
I just love it.  I love the kids, doing whatever they're doing.
They're so busy, yet calm.
It's so them.  So home.
Sept. 12, 2011 
Mason & Eric's first football game of the season, we drove down to watch them play in Onamia.
On the way home, I requested we stop & appreciate the great Mill Lacs Lake for a moment, rather than just drive by it as usual.
Sept. 16, 2011 
The only upside to Eric's head injury this fall:
An afternoon with a big brother home to hang out on the couch. 
Reading Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose (a personal favorite) to Beau. 
Going on fourteen years old, I don't see quiet moments of reading Dr. Seuss aloud very often.
Had to snap a photo. 
One morning just this past week, Beau was sitting in bed with me, reading books & playing toys as I tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep after getting the other kids off to school (and probably after reading too late again) when he spotted an eagle out the window. 
Not a bad sight to open my eyes to.


  1. Amanda,
    Just wanted to thank you for your comments on my kitchen makeover on the Re-New site! I thought the bad picture/good picture comment was funny because it's kind of true. The first photo was from my inspection before I bought the house and the second photo was being submitted to Better Homes & Gardens.

    I appreciate you taking the time to look!


  2. The second photo was way better. :)
    But even an average eye had to see there was much more going on there!

    Great job.
    Maybe one of these days I'll get
    around to posting our own kitchen overhaul.