December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Creating: Days 4 and 5. The weekend.

My sister, Kristy, came over Saturday.
My brother picked up Johnathan and he & Billy took him ice fishing.  I can't express how much it means to me, and I think to him, that they took him with.  He had a good day with his uncles.   

Kristy taught Lilly & Beau how to make butter while I worked on making a new set of stockings for our family.
When Mitch & I were dating a lifetime ago, we decorated stockings for each other.  When Mason & Eric were newborn, I made stockings for their first Christmas.  But by the time Johnathan came along 5 years later, life was full of action, holidays were busy, and I never made any specifically for him or Lilly or Beau.  They just had generic stockings.  It shames me to say - Lilly's name was put on hers' with a sharpie. 
Those four original stockings aren't in the best of shape, either, so family stockings have been on my holiday to-do list for years.  It feels so nice to having them hung.
They aren't fancy.  I used scraps of burlap, the remains of an old sweater, and an old living room throw blanket to make them.  They're whipped together pretty roughly. But they look like they belong together in our living room.
I hope to add a monogram or name to each.  For now they're all hanging by the chimney with care.
We went for a nice walk, trooping through a good amount of woods.  Our neighbor is having some logging done on her property, we saw some of the aftermath.  Such a mess those loggers make.  But we collected bunches of cedar boughs that they knocked to the ground.  They smell so good.
Between finally having family stockings, and bringing in some of nature, I feel that "Spruce up the dwelling" on my wish list has been accomplished.   Good to get in another nice winter walk as well.

Our salt dough cut-outs (recipe here) had baked the night before, so they were ready to paint.
We worked on that both days of the weekend.
When we were visiting our neighbor Marianne last week, she had her little Christmas tree up but it had no decorations yet.  The kids decided they'd take some of their salt dough ornaments over & decorate for her.  (Marianne recently had a rough month with some health complications.  They've missed her while she was away.)
So we delivered Christmas decorations this evening.  She had already gotten around to decorating her tree,  but they added their ornaments and delivered hugs to go with them.  

Spruce up the dwelling.  Create.  Be neighborly.  Winter walks.  All on the wish list. 
Stockings made, too. 
This is a hard time for us, with the rest of our family away, but we made it a good weekend-before-Christmas.

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  1. I love your salt dough cutouts! Especially the little porcupine type critter. And I'm glad to see the picture of Marianne too. It warms my heart to know that she has such good neighbors.