December 11, 2011

Beau: 4 + 1/2

If I could bottle my kids up (not that I want to) at any age, it would be four.  I just love this age.

Imagination.  Curiosity.  Fresh enthusiasm & wonder for just about everything.  Humor.  Fun.  Still cuddly.  Still at home.
I love it.

I can't possibly record all the things Beau has learned so far as a four-year-old.  
I talked about some of them in thoughts important to me, here.

I took these pictures of him as he hit four-and-a-half late this summer.
End of summer freckles.  Tying his sneakers.  Writing his name.
Being wonderful. 
This is my last year with Beau (or any of my nestlings) home from school.
He's growing very well prepared. 
Me?  Not sure that's possible. 
Enjoying now.

1 comment:

  1. 4 is such a sweet age! I wish my 6 year old could tie his shoes! Enjoy the time you have with your last one before he starts school and figure out what comes next, later. Make sure whatever you choose to focus on is worth your time. That's where I'm at... Figuring out what I want to do and what's worth doing. Good luck!