December 16, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I'm a list maker.  I usually write out lists leading up to Christmas like it's going out of style.
People lists, as not to forget anyone.  Shopping & to-do lists.   Lists of what to get and what I've gotten for each of our kids, to make sure they are all balanced & helping to make sure Santa has all the stockings straight.  Long lists, categorized lists, detailed lists, crazy page-covering lists.

This year I wrote down a few ideas for the kids just once.  
The only other list I have is sitting in front of me, scribbled in purple sharpie fine point.  It says:

Spruce up the dwelling
be neighborly
old traditions -
   animal tree 
   one night by candlelight 
write to Grandmas
winter walks

That's my Christmas list.  It's kind of like a to-do list & a wish list in one.

In retrospect, I was already taking things for granted, though.
Like having our little family under one roof.
I updated a week ago to facebook that Mitch and I had had a really good & quite productive "Mom & Dad Day" in Duluth..  That he's based back around home for a while & had his first day off in a zillion years.  That we may not have snow, but we have good ice on the pond for the kids to play on, our family is under one roof, and we WILL have Christmas.
I was pretty excited & feeling very happy & hopeful about these things.
I spoke too soon. 
Less than a week later, Wednesday Mitch already was off & gone again, taking the older boys with him hunting quite far away in another state. 
It's the week before Christmas, and what I wanted most was my family together this year.
That should have been on my wish list, too.

Next to my list in purple, I've had this teeny-tiny picture of a coffee mug that I cut out of a magazine.  (it's tiny)  On the coffee mug, it says, The more simple we are, the more complete we become. 

Tonight I was going through a few of  the day's pictures & papers on the table and found this:
Lilly, girl after my own heart, found that tiny little bit of paper, no bigger than a dime, with even tinier words, dark & hard to read.
And she didn't pass it by for a scrap.  She read it!  And something possessed her seven-year-old self to write it! 
This moved me to pieces.

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  1. Oh Lilly, this little girl is wise beyond her years amanda! Too precious. The true spirit of christmas