March 7, 2012

Vermilion River. Minnesota Goodness.

The Vermilion River Falls are found in the Superior National Forest, at the edge of Voyageur's National Park.
Mitch has been working in the area much over the past few years, just beyond the U.S. Customs office, where the road ends and the wolves are plentiful.
I made it up there with him for a quick trip late January. We boogied around on the lake a bit. Gorgeous rock up there, some of the most ancient rock found on earth.
I'd really like to see The Gorge, but Mitch's injured ankle prohibited us from that much of a hike at this time.
We've stopped here at the Falls with the kids in the past, a pretty spot, and shorter walk - though the snow was deep, much more than we had at home at that time.
To me, the northeast corner of our state is real Minnesota at it's finest.

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