April 24, 2012

As of late..

4/13 we had seven kids home after school.  It was our wonderful neighbor Marianne's 93rd birthday, we made cake & brought it over.  The kids & their friends sang happy birthday to her. 
4/14 we were off with the older boys to a Pacesetter basketball tournament.  They did very well playing very big schools, earned an invitation to the state invitational in June.  Certainly didn't see basketball in our plans, in April or June.  They were unpracticed for over a month, and had no coach, but it was the best basketball action I saw all year.  Great playing.  And they had fun, chattered happily the whole way home.  

Monday, 4/16 we woke to ice & snow and a school cancellation.   It was really beautiful, but really a mess.  Very hard on the trees.  We had a lot of casualties.

I learned that Lilly has already had a marriage proposal.

Mitch returned to out of town status.  His not being able to call is the worst. 

Beau's preschool days have been few & far between with the Easter break & snow day & all.  Thursday he did have class, though & I came home to a completely empty, quiet house.   Something I'm not used to.  I kept feeling like I should be quiet, like someone was napping.
So quiet.
He announced the other night, "At school I had to learn about hurricanes in a big-big room full of people." Preschool, and he already had his first tornado drill.  I think I would have been terrified beyond belief.  I'm glad it was no  big deal for him. 
I love listening to him sing his alphabet when everyone's getting ready for bed at night.

I was picking up the older boys from practice the other day at the school curb and as they opened the door to get in, I heard a girl's voice yell, "I loove you, Eric!"  

I was perplexed to find that one of the recurring problems on Johnathan's daily math homework this week was, "how would you write $7,342.51 (or varying number) if you were writing a check?"  
I remember being in at least 8th grade before we learned check writing.  (Mr. C. taught us.)  What an odd skill for 3rd graders to learn.  

The snow melted away fast & everything is very green.  Trees leafing out as early as I've ever seen.

McGee was a really good dog this week.  He had a couple of invitations from newly-acquired friend, Ole, to go spring running.   But he chose to let Ole go on, and stayed home to lay down in the sun.  I was very surprised he didn't follow.  And sorry I couldn't catch Ole for the neighbors.   Our pup has grown up.  Here he is, pictured on our snow day.

4/20 brought first baseball game of the season for Mason & Eric.  Mason, who was NOT going to play baseball this year, hit a home run, a triple, and a double in their few innings of pay.  The field they were to play on was still mushy from rain & snow, so they only got to play a few innings after the varsity on the good field. 

Sunshine here, and we're off to watch the first full ball game later this afternoon, along with another little adventure I've been looking forward to.  I plan to bring my camera.

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